Steeda’s Supercharged Technology!

March 14, 2002 9:04 pm

Steeda Autosports announced today the official release of its “Technology Initiative” supercharger package for 99-and-newer 4.6L 2-valve Mustangs. The package centers around a re-programmed ECU, designed to give a level of performance and drivability that is unparalleled in the supercharged street Mustang genre.

Steeda, a Pompano Beach, Florida-based leader in Ford aftermarket performance, worked with Cosworth Technologies and Ford Motor Company for more than a year to develop this OEM-quality supercharger package. Steeda developed this complete forced induction solution through the SEMA Ford Technology Transfer program, and is the first outside company to produce an engine calibration for the Mustang with this level of factory support and assistance.

Highlights of this package include:

* A 30-to-50 horsepower increase over comparably equipped supercharged engines from other aftermarket tuners
* Better durability and drivability than other tuning processes, improved throttle response, low potential for detonation and elimination of “stumble”
* Uses re-flashed factory ECU with calibrations developed by Ford, Steeda and Cosworth; no “piggy-back” chips are used
* Serviceability at any Ford dealer
* 50-state CARB certified with an Executive Order number

Steeda has been applying this exclusive engine calibration technology on customer cars since March of 2002, but they plan to release a new turn-key package to showcase their supercharged-engine expertise in late June of 2002. This “Super Steeda Mustang” is slated to be the most advanced aftermarket-tuned Mustang ever produced and will incorporate much of the performance tuning knowledge Steeda has gained through road-racing its production-based supercharged 2-valve ST-460 racecar. Steeda plans to heavily promote this new model to the press in late June, which will include Car & Driver, MotorTrend, Automobile, Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords, 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, Modular Power and other automotive-related titles.

Since Steeda released this program in early March there has been a great surge of excitement within the Mustang brand. “Finally the aftermarket has a real calibration that has performance, drivability, and is certified through the SEMA Ford Technology Transfer Program,” said Steeda President, Dario Orlando. “You can’t get any better than that.”

Special thanks go to SEMA, Ford Motor Company and Cosworth Technologies.