Steeda Starts a Revolution !

June 14, 2002 9:03 pm

The revolution has arrived. What Mustang enthusiasts have been waiting for has come in the form of the revolutionary Technology Transfer Program. Ford Motor Company acknowledges the nature of performance enthusiasts by assisting them in achieving their performance goals. Many believed Ford products were delivered without consideration of the performance enthusiast. That day has past and now Ford is working with aftermarket companies to maximize the performance of aftermarket components.

Steeda Autosports is the first aftermarket company to work directly with Ford Motor Compnay on the technology initiative for engine management and calibration systems, and subsequently, is the first to have an engine calibration for supercharged mustangs, C.A.R.B. certified and released through Ford Motor Company. Mustang owners get superior performance while maintaining Ford’s vehicle operation requirements.

Some longtime Mustang enthusiasts will be amazed at the present cooperation of Ford with the aftermarket, but Ford has recognized that assisting the aftermarket in helping customers customize their vehicles brings “Brand Excitement” to a product line. In 1999, Ford Motor Company joined with the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) to create a pilot program called the Powertrain Technology Initiative, which is part of the Technology Transfer program. This initiative allows the aftermarket to acquire calibrations for products that would affect any aspect of a Ford powertrain. Steeda Autosports began its Technology Transfer Program with Ford Motor Company and made the first priority to acquire calibrations for 1999 and newer supercharged Mustangs. Steeda Autosports’ has invested more than two years development time with Cosworth Technologies and Ford Motor Company towards this goal.

Over the past four years Ford’s engine management systems have progressively become more efficient and complex. Previous tuning methods with computer chips fall short of the true potential of a supercharger system with Ford’s new engine management systems. Steeda Autosports currently works with Cosworth Technologies in coding the program for the engine management system. The program is then submitted to Ford Motor Company, which runs full diagnostics and multiple operation scenarios with the program, including prototype field-testing. Once this program passes all Ford trials and testing it is then submitted to the California Air Resource Board (which holds the tightest restrictions on vehicle emissions) for an Executive Order, which certifies that the calibration will pass emissions testing.

The Technology Transfer calibration for Steeda Autosports’ supercharger kits take advantage of Steeda’s Duel Fuel Pump to provide maximum fuel delivery. This precise tuning calibration and better fuel delivery generates on average 30 to 50 more horsepower than standard tuning with a computer chip. Steeda’s calibration provides superior factory-like driveability that can be serviced and diagnosed at any Ford Dealership. Call today for more information about how your Mustang can benefit from Steeda’s Technology Transfer Calibration.