The NEW S/C Q400!

August 14, 2002 9:00 pm

Steeda Autosports is proud to announce the all-new 2003 Steeda Q400. The supercharged Steeda Mustang utilizes cutting edge information made possible by the Ford/Sema technology transfer program while maintaining all the traditions that have made the Steeda Q series legendary. The new Steeda styling quickly distinguishes it from the herd. Ride comfort and drivability are outstanding in the New Q. Our knowledge, gained at the track enhances the 400’s performance without sacrificing the poise and comfort that you expect from a Mustang.

The Q series of the past was known for performance, handling, and drivability. In car and drivers 1998 0 to 150 to 0 shoot out, the Q finished second in a field of hundred thousand dollar Vipers, Corvette ZR1’s and a three hundred thousand dollar Renntech Mercedes. The latest Q continues all these traditions and finds many new ways to shine. With oversized front disc brakes, slotted rotors and our complete line of suspension and performance upgrades; the 400 will amaze even the most seasoned and professional driving enthusiast.

Steeda Autosports is the first aftermarket company to work directly with Ford Motor Company through the technology transfer initiative for engine management and calibration systems, and subsequently is the first to have an engine calibration for supercharged Mustangs, C.A.R.B. certified and released through Ford Motor Company. Mustang owners get superior performance while maintaining Ford’s vehicle operation requirements. Our new Q400 utilizes this revolutionary engine management system ensuring that it is the most drivable supercharged Mustang ever. This precise tuning calibration and fuel delivery generate on average 40 to 70 more horsepower than standard tuning with a computer chip. Steeda’s calibration provides superior factory-like drivability that can be serviced and diagnosed at any Ford Dealership throughout the United States.

The custom Steeda styling is more than just aesthetically pleasing. With a functional race wing and custom front splitter improving downforce you will quickly feel the high-speed stability. The Steeda Ultra-lite wheels and Nitto tires give the 400 a very aggressive stance and appearance, even when it’s standing still. The Q series custom badging includes more than just a set of stickers. From the official serialization plate inside the Q to the Steeda emblems and side stripes this car looks like a special edition. The custom leather bolstered interior and billet accessories accent the interior’s finish.

Steeda’s racing tradition is not lost with the latest in the Q series. What we learn at the track goes into the engineering of all our components. This means that you can obtain the same competitive edge that we have at the track with our 2003 Q. Don’t think for a moment that the Q sacrifices street manors for top end handling. In traffic or on the freeway this Mustang maintains its drivability and comfort. The resulting ride is firm and crisp without ever being overly harsh.