Behind the Scenes: Steeda Design and Manufacturing

August 14, 2003 8:20 pm

Over the past couple of years Steeda Autosports has invested in a manufacturing facility that will produce the highest quality parts for its customer. With full control over manufacturing we can assure our customers that our products are made to the highest quality standards. In 2001 Steeda’s CNC facility was originally in a off-site facility in the near vicinity to Steeda Headquarters.

Steeda’s newest member of the family, a 24,000 square foot manufacturing and design facility, finally neared completion on the campus of Steeda Autosports. As the paint on the walls had barely dried the design and manufacturing teams had already set up shop. Steeda’s CNC machine shop is a state-of-the-art facility with the latest technology in CNC Mills and CNC lathes. There are two CNC lathes, a Mori-Seiki SL204, a Mori-Seiki SL2500 and both with automated material loading, that make everything from supercharger pulleys to shift levers. There are also three mills in the Steeda CNC center, a Haas VF-2, a Haas VF-OE and Haas VF-3. The largest of the three mills, the Haas VF-3 has a pallet changer, which the enables the mill to run three continuous machining cycles. There are many other machines that are used for cutting raw material to engraving valve covers to strength testing materials. All of Steeda manufacturing works in concert to bring you the highest quality product.

When a product such as the Tri-Ax shifter is scheduled to be produced in the CNC center it is not built by one machine but a combination of all the machines. The shift lever is made on the CNC Lathe, which is able to make a perfectly round pivot ball to exact tolerances. The base of the Shifter is made on one of the three mills. While the tops, which hold the shift lever in the base, are made on one of the other mills. The CNC lathes also make the shift lever of the Steeda Tri-Ax/F shifter. When designing new parts, our engineering staff can go right to the CNC center with prototypes to verify quality and manufacturing process. When new product prototypes are made in the CNC center they are immediately tested and inspected by the engineering staff. Having the design, engineering and manufacturing all in the same facility ensures quality, precise fitment and exact performance of our products. It is these measures Steeda has taken to bring you only the best for your Mustang.