Mid America Ford Performance and Shelby Meet Turns 30!

July 14, 2004 8:08 pm

2004 might have to go down in the annals of history as “The Year of the Party”, at least among Ford Fanatics. First, the Mustang turned 40 at a fete held in Music City back in May. And just this past weekend (June 10 – 13), Tulsa, OK was host to the Mid-America Ford Performance and Shelby Meet – four days of Ford Fun at the Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, the Dragstrip at Tulsa Raceway Park and the All Ford Car Show at the Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott. Steeda Autosports was there, with plans for an even bigger presence next year!

Transport trouble caused a late arrival to the event, yet Team Steeda was ready at the opening gun on Thursday. Hallett Motor Racing Circuit was host to a two day event on the road course. The Steeda Autosports Q400R proved to be the fastest, fully streetable ‘stang in attendance, and was often seen pulling away from the other factory cars and mixing it up with the full-on race cars in the field.

Piloted at various times by SCCA Southwest Divisional Champion Bob Hahn and Dario Orlando, leader of Team Steeda, the Q400R inspired Hahn to state that it was “the best handling, best balanced” Street Mustang he’s had the pleasure of driving. And drive it he did, even when the extra load of a seven person gang-pile in the car for the Celebrity Lap wasn’t enough to introduce the suspension stops to the chassis!

One constant to note: most if not all of the street cars were seen on the Nitto RS tire, the spec tire for the Q400R. Nitto really seems to have hit the winning combo of performance and style with the RS.

The action on Saturday moved to Tulsa Raceway Park. Members of Team Steeda were pleased to see many of the Mustangs sporting Steeda equipment charging down the 1320 with equally impressive results. Both on the road course and at the dragstrip, Team Steeda gets to thank their customers for the parts they’ve purchased, and get a loads of feedback on successful tunes and set-ups customers use for those parts. Simple passion for the Mustang is the common bond, and all members of the Steeda Family, both Customers and Company, benefit by the exchange. On Sunday, the Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott was host to the All-Ford Super Car Show, where plenty of Steeda style was on display throughout the day.

Ford Motor Company had the ’05 Mustang on display, and the car is like a dynamo, transferring excitement directly into all who see it! The number one question though out the event for the Team Steeda members in attendance – “What’s Steeda got in the pipe for the new Pony Car?” The answer we’re pleased to report – by October, when the new Mustang debuts, Steeda Autosports will have complete suspension systems available; shocks, springs, adjustable upper links, panhard bars, wheels, tires, caster camber plates, along with a nice aero package to help clean up the aerodynamics of the vehicle. According to Dario, “Yes! We will be ready in October when the car is delivered.” The Technology Transfer Program between Ford and Steeda seems to be beating the “after” right out of the Mustang aftermarket!

Road event, drag racing, car show and Fords as far as the eye can see. if you weren’t there you missed quite a party. With thanks to the Oklahoma Region of the Shelby American Automobile Club, Team Steeda is already planning a to be there next year for the 31st!