The New Math: 40 + 20 = 100

October 14, 2004 7:50 pm

Over 40 years ago, Ford introduced the Mustang, created the muscle car niche and acquired over eight million happy customers along the way. This fall, Ford introduces a brand new Mustang, and has called upon their Number One aftermarket performance company to prepare a display car for the SEMA show worthy of that legacy. Happily, with 20 years of race winning experience added to Ford’s impressive, new platform, the Screamin’ Yellow Q (SYQ) from Steeda Autosports does not disappoint!

From the Curb: The ’05 Mustang has a retro-modern style, integrating design elements from the original cars of the ‘60’s (fast back roofline, long hood/short deck proportions) with the fit and finish modern day drivers demand. The SYQ takes nothing away from this pleasing balance, but compliments it with a trio of enhancements – a Steeda-designed hood, unique front air dam and functional rear wing, enhancing the car’s appearance and smoothing out the aerodynamics. Smoother is faster and, since lighter is faster, too, the SYQ sits on a set of Steeda Five Spoke Wheels – wheels cast under high pressure, making them lighter & stronger than other look-alikes.

In the Cockpit: The ’05 Mustangs, like those that came before, are ‘driver’s cars’, with all controls ergonomically positioned to keep the driver in control. Here, Steeda engineered a plethora of billet and chrome compliments to add a bit more style and substance to the factory offering; shifter bezel, emergency brake & pedal covers, door sill plates, window switches, door handles all get an upgrade and a dead pedal gets added to offer the needed support for the spirited driving sure to follow. And power shifting is expected, even encouraged, via the stout, patented Steeda Tri-Ax Ò shifter.

Underpinnings; the Beginnings of High Performance: Steeda’s approach to enhancing automotive performance rises from the bottom up – literally. Since horsepower not efficiently transmitted to the pavement is simply horsepower wasted, Steeda engineers start with data obtained directly from Ford, via the SEMA Technology Transfer program.

Then, with the R & D experience that twenty race-winning years in production-based Mustangs can provide, suspension and handling are addressed. Out back, beefy aluminum lower and fully adjustable upper control arms are substituted along with an adjustable panhard bar, while up front, Steeda’s X5 ball joints, bumpsteer kit, strut tower brace and adjustable camber plates are utilized. Steeda Sport Springs, and upgraded stay bars are found both front and rear. Does that line-up sound familiar? It might, when you consider that the current version of these Steeda parts are found under most of the production-based Fords seen in winner’s circles this year, at both road courses and at drag strips.

The Hood Also Rises: Up top, the Technology Transfer continues with an exclusive calibration designed to maximize the performance benefits obtained from Steeda engineered underdrive pulleys, cold air induction, headers and high flow exhaust. These elements raise the performance from the factory 300hp level by a full 15% to 350hp – all naturally aspirated.

Yes, a supercharged version is in the works (SYQ-SC), and yes, it will produce over 400hp like the current Steeda Q400 – but those who cannot wait for more performance will find that as the ’05 Mustangs ship to dealers in October, Steeda already has over 100 different parts on their shelves or in the pipe. That means parts are readily available for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who like to turn their own wrenches. For those who prefer simply to turn keys, ’05 Mustangs may be enhanced at the Steeda Campus in Pompano Beach, Florida, or through their nationwide network of New Vehicle Dealers.

So when does 40 + 20 = 100? When America’s premiere automaker takes its 40 years of Mustang success and permits Steeda to enhance the performance based on 20 years of race-winning experience. The result: 100% high-performance driving satisfaction! The only down side – as Ford begins production of the next eight million Mustangs, not all of them will get to be a Steeda SYQ.

Will yours? The industry gets their first look at the Steeda ’05 SYQ at Ford’s SEMA Showcase in November. Orders will be taken prior to the event.

For additional information:
Contact Mike Morella: 954-960-0774 Ext. 110 /

The Fast Track

Aerodynamic Enhancements

* Steeda designed hood
* Unique front air dam
* Functional rear wing

Wheels & Tires

* 18 x 9.5 Steeda Five Spoke Wheels
* Nitto NT555 – P285/35/ZR18 Tires

Billet Aluminum

* Shifter Bezel
* E-Brake Handle
* Pedal Covers
* Dead Pedal
* Sill Plates
* Window Switches
* Door Handles
* Tri-Ax Shifter


* Sport Springs
* Front and Rear Stay Bars
* Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms
* Fully Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arm
* Adjustable Panhard Bar
* X5 Ball Joints
* Bumpsteer Kit
* Strut Tower Brace
* Adjustable Camber Plates


* Steeda-Engineered Cold Air Induction Kit
* Special Steeda Autosports-Designed Headers
* Steeda-Engineered High Flow Exhaust System
* Underdrive Pulleys
* Exclusive Calibration through the Ford Technology Transfer Program