Legendary Steeda Fleet Sale

December 14, 2004 7:25 pm

You’ve seen their pictures on our websites, in our catalogs and in our print ads. You’ve read about them in leading enthusiast magazines like Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, Mustang Enthusiast, Motor Trend, and 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords. You surfed by them on popular websites like Corral.net and Stangnet.com. But now you have a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, as Steeda Autosports looks to thin the herd just a bit to make room for some other, newer projects. Just as Junior must sometimes clean out his toybox, we now need more room in ours.

Two Mustangs and two Foci are on the block, as well as an ’04 Mustang Body in White. Details follow; all prices shown are FOB Pompano Beach, FL.

Click Vehicle Titles for Expanded Descriptions:

2002 Steeda Q400R Mustang (#20) – $21,500.00 OFFER PENDING
The Steeda Q400R is Steeda’s flagship sports car in its most pure form. The Q400R was the lead R & D vehicle not only for Steeda Autosports but also for Ford Racing and Ford Motor Company. This car posted five victories in the ’02 season, and was the Florida Region SCCA Endurance Champion. Product class winner at the Mustang 40th in ’04. The perfect asset for any race team looking to compete in the NASA AIX (American Iron Extreme) class in ’05.

2002 Steeda Q400 Mustang – 17,213 Miles – $27,500.00
This Q400 benefitted from the FORD/SEMA Technology Transfer Initiative, in which it received the very first factory-supported calibration for a supercharged, aftermarket drivetrain configuration. Featured in Motor Trend, MM & FF and 5.0 Mustang, and on the Corral.net and StangNet.com.

2002 Steeda Focus (Speedline Project, aka ‘Fireball’) – 18,635 Miles – $9,500 SOLD!
The Steeda Speedline Project Focus was a test bed for Steeda Focus performance parts, with almost every available aftermarket part added already. This Turbocharged Focus was a Ford Division Project Vehicle, and was developed as part of the FORD/SEMA Technology Transfer Initiative.

2001 Silver Focus – 65,664 Miles – $6,000.00
Our resident ‘stocker’, has only seen limited street duty, and has been used to test fitment of many Steeda Parts by our R & D Department. A canvas properly stretched, waiting for the next owner to paint their own masterpiece.

2004 Mustang BIW (Body In White) – Zero Miles – $2,500.00 SOLD!
The same shell that race teams start with, this one was used by our R & D Department to proto-type and test fitment of many of the parts Steeda offers for SN95 ‘stangs. Great for the racer tired of gutting a street car to start a project, or for the enterprising Steeda Dealer who wants to create a functional parts display.