Racecraft Submits Recap of US Street Car Nationals!

January 14, 2005 7:07 pm

The Racecraft/AMF Racing team traveled over to Bradenton for the US Street Car Nationals back in January. In testing on Friday, neither Brian Tambrone in his silver and blue coupe or Adam Louramore, proprietor of Racecraft Industries, could keep from wheelstanding no matter what they tried. They finally got some clean runs in after about 3 attempts each, and ended up with Brian running an 8.47@161 while Adam ran an 8.43@160.

The Steeda Hardcore suspension was working to say the absolute least, Brian’s car had an amazing 1.260 60′ and Adam’s bests was 1.28 in the flame car. Keep in mind that they are running Drag Radials. Both made it through the first round but unfortunately met each other in the second. Adam came out victorious running a 8.42 to Brian’s 8.57 The flame car proceeded to win another round against Dennis Lugo in his Turbocharged Mustang in the third heat, beating his 8.38 with an 8.36 @163 MPH. Next round got a little tough as Adam was out powered by a 540″ BB Chevy with lots of Nitrous which posted a 8.196 to Racecraft’s 8.40.

Both Mustangs on the Racecraft/AMF team did well, and went on to a one-two finish at the FFW Event in Orlando.