Steeda Delivers First Mustang Q Car for Retail Market

January 14, 2005 6:57 pm

The road trip down from the Sarasota area was a family affair, as Todd’s father and his son (who had selected the Sonic Blue color) made the journey down to the Steeda Campus in their ’71 ‘cuda. Three generations of the Regnaert clan got to glad-hand with New Vehicle Program Manager Mike Morella on delivery day – Todd’s father Ronald (far right in photo) and his son Joshua (the short one) were eager to hit the trail in the new blue Q, but were gracious enough to stop for the photo op.

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While all three are ‘certifiable car guys’, it’s young Josh who impressed us most – particularly when we learned he’s studied muscle cars enough to be able to pick out classics in the oncoming lanes of the turnpike at speed. “Look, dad, it’s a 70 and a half split bumper Camaro”. Should he apply himself to his scholastic endeavors with comparable success, Todd plans to give Josh his choice of the ‘cuda or the Q as a graduation present when finishes high school and goes off to college, so there should be no problem keeping that young man focused!

Todd previously had owned two Mustangs modified by a nationally known tuner, yet had never truly felt that he had gotten what he’d paid for. When he brought the second of those cars to Steeda for some modifications and a tune, he immediately knew where he would be getting his next car. “That car never ran as good as it did when I got it back from the shop at Steeda. If you guys know enough about the ‘other guy’s’ stuff, I could just imagine what your cars would be like.” Todd put that dream into motion, and all three waived a cheery ‘so long’ as they left the Steeda Campus, heading back to the Florida Turnpike for that first, memorable ride in their brand new Q. Steeda Technician Chad Coy gets the gold star for the installations and tune.

And so, with our first retail delivery for 05 under our belt we continue making the world a better place, one car at a time. Who’s next?

The Fast Track

Exterior Appointments:

  • Steeda Sidewinder Graphics Package
  • Black Hood Treatment

Interior Appointments:

  • Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
  • Steeda Billet Shift Knob


  • Steeda Sport Springs
  • Steeda Aluminum Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Adjustable Panhard Bar


  • Steeda Cold Air Induction Kit
  • Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
  • Steeda SS Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Xcalibrator Custom Tuning