All In The Family!

February 14, 2005 4:15 pm

It was a brisk but sunny south Florida day when a sharp looking SVT Focus pulled into the parking lot here at Steeda Autosports – an event that would hardly raise an eyebrow around here under ordinary circumstances. But the folks in this Focus were here on a mission – they were here to take delivery of the newest member in their automotive family.

Donnie & Joyce Brown from Plant City, Florida motored down in their SVT to pick up “The Fireball”, the first delivery from the Legendary Steeda Fleet Sale. Donnie is an avid Ford Enthusiast who found the sale notice posted on our website, and was quick to realize the value of the offer before him. They locked up the deal online, then made arrangements to finalize the deal and pick up the car a few days later.

The Browns are a car crazy couple. While Joyce has a penchant for VW’s (REAL, air cooled VW’s), it’s Donnie who is the Ford Fanatic in the family. A ’96 Mystic Cobra with a mere 3500 miles on the clock already has the Brown name on the title, and Donnie hadn’t yet decided if he would be parking or driving their latest acquisition – an enviable dilemma to have.

The delivery could not take place until Steeda President Dario Orlando took the new owner out for a test drive (or thrill ride, as the case may be) to demonstrate the Fireball’s handling and performance. We bit the Browns farewell as they headed home, confident that our little, red friend was in good hands, and looking forward to some photos of the red jet in it’s new surroundings.With one car delivered and one offer pending, there’s still time for you to own a piece of automotive history as the Legendary Steeda Fleet Sale presses on.