Burnett & Moore go Five for Five in 2005!

July 14, 2005 3:32 pm

Neither rain nor snow nor anything the competition has brought to the track this season seems to deter Robin Burnett from his full-on run at the championship in the NASA American Iron racing series this year. With five of the ten scheduled events already in the record books this season, we find that Burnett has captured five pole positions and won five races so far – an impressive feat in any season, more so in this case given that Burnett and team mate John Moore accomplished this impressive string of victories in a 2005 Mustang.

Ford out did themselves in producing the new platform, giving racers a chassis that is far stiffer than those found in previous Mustangs. To this Burnett and Moore added a full compliment of Steeda parts, including a Tri-Ax┬« Shifter with Comfort Pro Handle, front and rear Swaybars, Competition Springs, Control Arm Relocation Kit, Rear Race-Only Lower Trailing Arms, Billet Camber Adjusters, G-Trac Brace, Adjustable Panhard Bar, Bumpsteer Kit and Low Wing. The results speak for themselves, and support our ongoing commitment to offer the highest quality performance parts for any Mustang, regardless of whether it will see duty as a daily driver, or spend it’s time on the track, dominating a production-based racing series just like our associates in Michigan have done!