Tremec Transmissions Selects Steeda as Elite Distributor

March 21, 2006 2:49 pm

Steeda Autosports has been selected as an Elite Distributor for Tremec transmissions. Only one of 10 Elite Tremec Distributors in the country, Steeda will offer the complete line of TKO-500, TKO- 600, T5 and T56 transmissions. Steeda will offer drivetrain accessories for each transmission including their patented clutch quadrant, cable and adjuster. To this add a selection of heavy duty performance clutch kits, flywheels, driveshaft spacers and adjustable crossmember and aluminum driveshafts. No Tremec transmission would be complete without Steeda’s patented Tri-Ax shifter, the best selling shifter on the market and Tri-Ax shift handle.

Steeda Autosports President Dario Orlando stated, ” We are honored to be chosen as a Tremec Elite Distributor, we have seen the Tremec quality transmissions excel on both the race track and in our street cars.” “Steeda is pleased to be able to offer and promote a wide selection of Tremec transmissions for a variety of applications,” Orlando concluded. Recent Steeda Q400 R research and development race cars have been equipped with Tremec transmissions with winning results.