Steeda Mustangs Sweep American Sedan Class at Homestead

February 7, 2007 1:31 pm

Steeda equipped Mustangs swept the top three positions in the American Sedan Class at the recent SCCA races held at Homestead Miami Speedway. It was a race of SCCA Divisional Champions headlining the event with current Southeast Division Champion, Tom Ellis, former Champion, Bob Eubanks and from New Hampshire 2006 Northeast Division Champion, Mike Lavigne. Running out of Hooksett, New Hampshire, Lavigne and his crew were on a winter tour of the Florida race tracks with their Mustang. This is the car that was the on track American Sedan Class winner at the SCCA Run-Offs last October, setting the fastest lap of the race, the Auto Re-Nu-It Auto Body sponsored Mustang, led the field by over 20.6 seconds to win the race over the GM Factory backed Firebird, driven by General Motors Engineer and veteran racer, John Heinricy.

During winter tour, Lavigne had beaten Tom Ellis a couple weeks earlier at Sebring and was looking for a sweep at Homestead. Ellis on the other hand was looking to return to victory lane in Miami. Joining these two was Bob Eubanks and his Steeda equipped Mustang. Bob stopped by the Steeda Campus the week prior to the race to have his Mustang worked on by the Steeda technical staff and was ready to race.

On the very fast Homestead circuit, all three Mustangs put on a great display of speed and handling performance. Coming off the banking their Steeda suspensions kept the cars perfectly balanced and as they were able to execute the extreme changes in the track surfaces from the banking on to the flat infield portion of the race track. All three Steeda equipped Mustangs looked like they were on rails as they ran the 2.2 mile road course. The lead changed hands a number of times between Ellis and Lavigne with Eubanks right on their tails. When the checkered fell it was Tom Ellis, the Virginia Gentleman, now residing in Pompano Beach, earning the hard fought victory.

Steeda equipped Mustangs once again had swept the field. Proving yet again that the vast majority of winners choose Steeda.