Steeda Q525 Impressive at 6th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Event

March 21, 2007 1:25 pm

The 6th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Nationals, Bradenton, Florida featured warm weather, more Fox Body Mustangs in one place since they left the Dearborn assembly plant years ago. Steeda Autosports supported the event with a vehicle and parts display. The headliner of the Steeda contingent was 600 horsepower Q 525. The flagship of the Steeda Q line-up, the Q525 turned heads with impressive times all weekend. With Steeda Director of manufacturing at the wheel, the Mustang turned mid 11 second times until Sunday afternoon when Scott reeled off an 11.37 @ 125 miles per hour run. The Q525 is a street car, not a purpose built race car, for the quarter mile runs the car was equipped with Nitto drag radials. Every Q525 comes with a 5.0 modular engine built by Steeda Chief Racing Engineer, Steve Chichisola. Equipped with a Whipple Charger supercharger system, the Q525 is equally at home turning low 11 second quarter mile times or cruising Main Street.

For 2007 Steeda is a major sponsor for two race teams. Jim Breese returns with Steeda equipped Cobra to Real Street Class Competition for the fourth year. Teaming with Tim Matherly of MV Performance, Breese is a great ambassador for the Steeda Brand in this ultra competitive class. “The Cobra really hooks up with the Steeda Hardcore suspension parts” Jim stated. A broken pulley put him out during the first round, but Jim Breese will be a force in 5.0 Mustangs & Superfords Real Street Class competition this year.

Steeda is also working the Sutton High Performance Procharger EFI Renegade Mustang this year. The Sutton High Performance Mustang is the first Modular powered car to win an EFI Renegade Event. Along the way the 2007 Mustang set both Miles per Hour and ET World Records of 8:56 @160 mph. Judging from the team’s impressive Bradenton showing, the Mustang will be a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a Steeda competition front facia the Mustang not only looks better, but according to Sutton High Performance Crew Chief, Jerry Vanderlinde, “ The new Steeda front facia has enabled the Mustang to be far more stable at the top end. At 177 miles an hour we feel this is very important.” Driver, Aaron Stapleton, was very impressed with the new Steeda coil over front struts, “ The Mustang launches so much better and tracks straight and true with the Steeda coil over struts, I am very pleased with them” Stapleton concluded. The team made it to the semi finals in the extremely competitive EFI Renegade class. With what they learned at the Nitto Tire NMRA Spring Ford Nationals, the Sutton High Performance Team is looking forward to a very successful season.

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