Steeda Autosports – In the News

June 26, 2007 7:57 pm

This summer has been a very busy time for the editors of various enthusiasts publications as they try their hardest to keep up with the Steeda Q-Series vehicles.  Following are just a sampling of some of the publications who have taken the time to notice, drive, and fall in love with the Steeda Q-Series of vehicles.

  • Motor Trend’s website – featuring complete coverage of the Steeda Q-Series vehicles, Historic Steeda vehicles, Camp Steeda,and a “hot one lap around Sebring” in a Steeda Q335
  • Muscle Mustang & Fast Ford (July, 2007) – Cover photography and a great article on the Steeda Q335
  • Mustang Monthly (July, 2007) cover photo and an outstanding article on the Steeda Q335
  • 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford (August, 2007) – more coverage on the Steeda Q335 in an inspiring article
  • Modified Mustangs(August, 2007) – cover photography and an article about Camp Steeda – the performance event for Steeda enthusiasts

So there you have it, independent enthusiasts magazines, the guys that get to drive all of the worlds best automobiles and the same guys that are the harshest critics of performance vehicles – ALL have fallen in love with everything Steeda.  From our outstanding collection of performance enhancing parts and accessories to our serialized Q-Series of vehicles – Steeda performs!

Please take the time and read these publications and see what they have to say about us –or- stop by and see us or any of our authorized dealers for a test drive today.

Steeda Autosports – Where Speed Matters!