The Steeda Q-Series of Mustangs Exceed Expectations

August 7, 2007 12:41 pm

Everyday at Steeda Autosports we receive congratulatory remarks about our racing victories, new track records being set with our cars, our line of limited production/exclusive vehicles, or about our vast collection of performance engineered parts we design, manufacture and sell.

Following is an unsolicited note we recently received which talks about a customers new Steeda vehicle experience:

“Hi everyone,

I picked up my Q335 Thursday and prior to that I had only seen Steeda cars in pictures much less touched one or drive one. It took almost a mile for me to fall in love with it………It was a great experience and Tim Mac Donald at the dealer was great…….I would do it again if given the chance (maybe a 525 someday). Everyone at Lucus Ford was great and you could see their excitment in the Steeda Mustangs.

I am a Mustang lover from way back and own older ones including a 1970 Boss 302 (of course it is yellow). It’s obvious after driving my Q335 I have been missing something. It has to be the best thing I have ever driven. Boss Mustangs have always been my passion and now I have another with Steeda Mustangs.

For any company, a product is one part. You have to have people and support. I was very impressed with Steeda……’s the whole package. I have already told a friend of mine that bought a GT500, he missed the boat.

Thanks again for a great buying experience and the excitement of owning a Steeda Mustang.”

Paul Johnson

There you have it, unsolicited feedback from another satisified Steeda Autosports customer.

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