Announcing The Steeda QS6

November 28, 2007 8:34 pm

Mustang V6 Aficionados: Steeda Autosports Announces Immediate Availability of the Steeda QS6 and a full line of Mustang V6 Performance Parts.

Following the highly successful debut of the Steeda Autosports 2008 Steeda V6 Mustang Performance Prototype at the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Steeda Autosports is announcing the immediate availability of the Steeda QS6 Mustang and a full line of performance parts and accessories for the V6 powered Ford Mustang.

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The Steeda QS6 Mustang is best described by deciphering its nomenclature in detail:

“Q” – Quick
“S” – Supercharged
“6” – V6 Powered

What performance orientated V6 Mustang provides for nimble handling attributable to it’s near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, has the famed Steeda Autosports performance suspension and powertrain upgrades that have been performance tuned for the Mustang V6 platform?  The Steeda QS6.

The secret to it’s outstanding success is it’s positive displacement Roots-type supercharger provides much more power at lower speeds than what the competitor’s centrifugal superchargers can deliver, resulting in a lightweight pony that can really deliver the excitement.  With a total of 355 horsepower and 365 ft. lbs. of torque available at your command, there is ample power available to blast out of the corners as others are waiting for their supercharges to build boost with engine speed.

Features of the 2008 Steeda QS6 Mustang include:

Base Vehicle

  • 2008 Ford Mustang
  • 4.0L SOHC 12V V65-speed manual transmission


  • X-Charger Supercharger
  • Steeda Cold Air Intake
  • Steeda performance cat-back exhaust system
  • Steeda Sport Shifter (short throw)
  • Steeda High Performance Tune

Suspension & Chassis

  • Steeda Ultra Lite Springs
  • Steeda Billet Lower Trailing Arms
  • Steeda 14” Front Brake Kit with slotted rotors
  • Steeda 13” Rear Brake Conversion kit with slotted rotors
  • Steeda Adjustable Front Swaybar
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar

Wheels & Tires

  • 18×9.5” Steeda Wheels
  • Nitto 275/40/18 Performance Tires


  • Steeda Front Fascia
  • Steeda Brake Duct Kit
  • Steeda badging and stripes
  • Steeda Rear wing with Carbon Fiber winglets


  • Steeda billet aluminum trim
  • Stewart Warner gauge cluster

The Steeda Q-Series of Mustangs underscores the commitment that Steeda Autosports has made to consistently deliver the best possible performance and value to the Ford performance enthusiast.  Steeda Autosports has been in business nearly 20 years with no disruption, and with our major facility expansion currently underway, we are guaranteed to be your best source for exclusive limited edition serialized Ford performance vehicles and Ford performance parts and accessories for the foreseeable future.

Already have a V6 Mustang and want to add some excitement into your life?

Then the same world-class performance parts that the Steeda Autosports Team has developed for the Steeda QS6 are available for you to purchase and add to your car as your time and budget permits.  Start with our proprietary suspension upgrade package that will give you the best possible handling available today with out sacrificing ride quality, add a set of Steeda wheels and Nitto Performance tires that could reduce your unsprung weight and will definitely provide maximum grip, throw on a cold air induction system to let your engine breath, and then a performance Steeda cat-back exhaust to let those spent gasses out of your engine and make the “right sound” and you have a ride that provides more excitement than what is imaginable from a V6 powered Mustang.

Still wanting more power?  Then bolt on a the Steeda approved supercharger system to really wake up your ride with 355 horsepower and 365 ft. lbs. of torque and have the best of both worlds: fuel economy when you want it, and all out performance when you need it!  How does it do it?  Simply – This supercharger system makes 70% of its boost at only 1800 RPM. The result is excellent low to mid range power and throttle response with a strong top end. Performance is outstanding – and throttle response is fantastic.  The efficient by-pass system allows no-boost cruising, and the supercharger needs only 3 horsepower to drive it while the by-pass valve is open. Fuel economy is similar to stock. Plus these superchargers are very quiet and require no maintenance for 100,000 miles.

Bottom line: You can add our track tested parts and accessories to your car and see the difference over all of our competitors.   You can build the car you want, according to your schedule and budget, and get the results you have come to expect from Steeda: World class performance and value engineered in the USA for the Ford performance enthusiast.

Steeda – Where Speed Matters!