Steeda In The News

April 30, 2008 3:05 pm

Steeda in The NewsMake sure you visit your local newsstand and purchase a copy of the June, 2008 edition of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords….if you really like vehicle performance evaluations, you will not be disappointed by what you find inside!

On the cover you will find our red 2008 Steeda Q500 that features all of our industry leading Steeda Q-Series performance enhancements including our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration.

Inside on there is an in-depth article written by the Editor of 5.0 – Steve Turner, that fully describes the unique performance attributes of the Steeda pony. With non-biased commentary, Steve asserts the Steeda Q-Series superiority over the competition with comments like:

Power arrives at the party early and stays long after the keg is dry. Better yet, the power is there when you want it and practically invisible when you’re putting around in traffic. With technology, having the cake and eating it too is a regret-free experience

…this is some powerful mojo, and when coupled with Steeda’s Whipple supercharger kit, it provides the kind of fun we expect from modern Mustangs

…What is more impressive is that the APC (Steeda’s Adaptive Performance Calibration) keeps learning and maximizing power all the time…without the drivability downsides….

…the Q500 excels in the environment where most of us want it to – on the street.

For you dyno techies, inside you will also find a dyno report that compares the Steeda Q500 to a Shelby GT500. Needless to say, the Steeda Q500 spanks the performance daylights of the GT500 and shows that it is the new leader of the pack yet again this year with over 32 horsepower and almost 30 ft. lbs of torque. With it’s lighter aluminum block, Steeda’s unique Adaptive Performance Calibration that provide for perfect drivability and all out performance, and the many other suspension and performance enhancements on tap, the Q500 is simply the BEST all around performance Mustang you can buy at ANY price!

Please take the time and read the full article and see more of what they have to say about Steeda –or- stop by and see us or any of our authorized dealers for a test drive and experience the Steeda difference for yourself.

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