Introducing The New Steeda Q650R

June 25, 2008 1:13 pm

The new Steeda Q650R from Steeda Autosports combines Steeda’s proven power it’s exclusive Adaptive Performance Calibration delivers with the world-class underpinnings and suspension systems that Steeda is renown for in the Performance Industry today. The result is the ultimate performance Mustang — a race car that pays tribute to 20 years of Mustang high performance and heritage that Steeda is celebrating this year.

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“The Steeda Q650R takes the breathtaking DNA of Steeda’s Q-Series of Mustangs and our unmatched history of engineering technology accomplishments and racing knowledge into what is the ultimate performance Mustang,” says Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports. “This car is an appropriate tribute to our Anniversary Celebration this year and is a hint at what’s to come in the future from Steeda.”

Built undercover by the renown “Skunk Works Team” at Steeda Autosports, the Q650R will serve as a rolling test bed for continuing refinement and development of our track tested and race proven performance parts and accessories – just another example of how Steeda Autosports continually pushes the envelope of Mustang performance for it’s performance craving customers.

On the outside, the Q650R is outfitted on the outside with Steeda’s aerodynamic Race Wing that stands tall at a full-race height and gets into the airstream and creates significant down-force to enhance handling and traction. Modeled after an actual inverted airplane wing, this wing has been thoroughly tested in the wind tunnel and is designed specifically for the Mustang. Added to the front is our fully functional competition front fascia that is designed for improved high speed stability as well as improved cooling of the engine and brakes under harsh race conditions it will be operated under.

Under the hood, the 4.6L engine is equipped with the Steeda/Whipple supercharger system and tuning is handled by our industry unique Adaptive Performance Calibration – the end result….650 horsepower of heart pounding excitement with “live” – automatic computerized tuning as it is raced. This adaptive system will always optimize the engine’s power output so that the maximum amount of power is always available, no matter how severe the race conditions may become.

Inside the Steeda Tri-Ax Remote Racing Shifter (fully adjustable in length and height), makes it perfect for varying drivers and driving styles as it provides an extremely short throw with precise action needed for the race track.

Under the car is where some really advanced Steeda suspension technology is deployed. From the advanced adjustable full coil over suspension system, our proprietary Watt’s Linkage, to our D Spec Shocks and bump steer kit, the entire catalog of Steeda’s superior suspension parts – and some extra experimental suspension enhancements as well – have been integrated into this car so as to make it the BEST HANDLING car we have ever driven on a race track.

We have outfitted Forgeline 18×9.5 (front) and 18×11 (rear) wheels and shod them naturally with the best track tires you can buy……Nitto’s famed NT01 high performance tires (275/35-18 in the front and massive 315/30-18 in the rear). These tires are mandatory for a high performance vehicle like this racer and provide the grip our suspension enhancements demand.

To provide the required force to bring 650 horsepower to a halt, we have stuffed our Steeda powerful 14” front and 13” rear braking system behind the wheels. These brakes, specially tuned for the S197 Mustang Anti-Lock brake system, provide the necessary force to keep this wild horse under control under severe race conditions it will surely encounter.

The end result: An ultra high performance – muscular race car that provides instant acceleration, superior handling, and great fear into the minds of our competitors. Watch for future updates when we take this car to key racetracks around the country on a promotional race tour.

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