Steeda/Whipple Superchargers Outperform All Others

July 30, 2008 12:35 pm

If you want maximum horsepower and performance, then the Steeda/Whipple Gen II Supercharger system, the most efficient supercharger system available in the market today, is your ticket to “Life in the Fast Lane”. When combined with the all new and industry leading Steeda Adaptive Performance Calibration the result is the BEST performance powertrain available for Ford performance enthusiasts today – period! With maximum performance and unbelievable drivability at all RPMs under all conditions – other forced induction alternatives do not even come close to matching their combined performance output.

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Other aftermarket companies may make claims, but the Steeda/Whipple supercharger is the most efficient means of dramatic power increases on today’s modern engines. With unique 3/5 rotor profile, it flows more air at lower temperatures and drastically lower parasitic drag that results in the most powerful and efficient package available today.

No other positive displacement supercharger compares to the potential airflow at such a lower compressor rpm. The Whipple Generation II rotor profile has risen the performance bar again, with increased flow across the board, yet the identical rotor diameter and length, allowing even better packaging.

The following chart is an actual flow test of the Eaton/Roush TVS2300 supercharger .vs the Steeda/Whipple Gen II (140ax) supercharges. As you can see by this unaltered data, the Steeda/Whipple supercharger outperforms the Eaton/Roush blower at every speed. Additionally, the superiority of the Steeda/Whipple blower increases as the pressure increases. So if you want the best supercharger with the maximum horsepower, maximum efficiency, and maximum performance – this is the package you need!

Key Points

  • Whisper quiet operation, zero increase in idle noise (Eaton and other positive displacement blowers all have gear rattle at idle)
  • Generation II rotor profile increased volumetric efficiency to an average of 95-99% throughout the engines operating range (1.4-2.4psi), giving peak boost levels and maximum power throughout the rpm range
  • More air at lower blower speeds mean increased torque, dramatically increased throttle response for pure customer satisfaction
  • Increased volumetric efficiency allows lower blower speeds for decreased power consumption and lower discharge temps, which equals more power across the rpm range
  • Increased rotor sealing for less back leakage from high boost levels, which equals lower discharge temps
  • @ 8.7psi, with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax requires 15kw less power to equal the same flow.
  • @ 8.7psi,with the Eaton TVS 2300 turning 14,000rpm, W140ax produces 20deg C lower discharge temps for far greater power potential.
  • As compressor speed increases, Whipple 140ax continues to pull away from Eaton TVS. This allows for better peak horsepower.
  • Robust design for extreme applications, double angular front bearings that offer far greater strength than other positive displacement superchargers.
  • Whipple rotor profile designed to minimize rotor-to-rotor contact, ensuring that seizure is nearly impossible.
  • Advanced PTFE seals for 100,000+ mile reliability.
  • Cast aluminum housing allows for lower cool down time than billet housings
  • Precision cut helical gears for quiet operation and trouble free operation
  • Whipple’s flow characteristic gives the best of all worlds, peak flow and low power consumption at low speeds for industry leading torque and throttle response, while increased flow and low power consumption at high rpms produces the best peak HP.

Call Steeda Autosports today and talk to one of our highly trained and experienced Sales Professionals who can recommend a state-of-the-art Steeda/Whipple supercharger system that will more than satisfy your performance needs. REMEMBER: There simply is no other system available in the market today that can deliver what Steeda and Whipple can!

Steeda Autosports and Whipple Superchargers – Delivering the BEST forced induction system and calibration system available today!