Introducing Steeda’s Charge Motion Delete Plugs

May 6, 2009 2:16 pm

Are you bummed that you bought a 2009 or 2010 Mustang and found out that with the change in the intake manifold that you cannot use Steeda’s Charge Motion Plates to increase your airflow and deliver greater horsepower? This is because starting with the 2009 model year Mustangs, Ford Motor Company changed the intake manifold so that it is a single unit that includes the charge motion plate butterflies molded into the housing. Leave it to the speed techs at Steeda to engineer an inexpensive and highly effective fix that eliminates the butterflies and provides your intake air a clear shot into the combustion chamber – the Steeda’s 2009 Charge Motion Delete Plugs.

Machined from solid billet aluminum, these plugs are a great upgrade for your 2009-2010 Mustang. Easy to install with just basic tools, these allow you to remove the butterfly valves that restrict airflow and seal the housing with plugs from the kit that when completed will reduce turbulence and improve airflow in the intake path for more horsepower and torque!

Because our charge motion delete plugs are so effective at finding that “hidden horsepower” in your engine, you will be required to reflash your engine control module with either our Steeda’s Xcalibrator2, Steeda Predator tuner, or go all the way with our unique Adaptive Performance Calibration! Once tuned, our charge motion plate delete kit will not sacrifice any low end torque and will provide midrange and upper rpm horsepower and torque increases. Peak increases of 10 horsepower or more have been seen on naturally aspirated applications, and larger gains possible on supercharged engines. When combined with our industry leading Cold Air Intake, your performance gains are even more substantial. These are the same modifications we make on our famed Q350 Mustang series to deliver that asphalt rippin’ power to the pavement!

Sometimes the simplest and most inexpensive parts can provide you with the performance edge that you really need. Install our Charge Motion Delete Plugs today and maximize your power curve today!

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