Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration Recap

May 6, 2009 2:47 pm

The Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama was definitely a huge success for all aficionados of America’s original pony car – the Ford Mustang. With crowds that were larger than anyone’s expectations, and an outstanding venue, the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang went down in history as one of Mustang’s best celebrations ever!

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On Friday evening, the Mustang 45th Anniversary Birthday Party sponsored by Steeda Autosports and hosted by, SVT Owners Association and BAER Brakes at the famed Ted’s Garage was an overwhelming success. The “official” birthday party for the Mustang lived up to everyone’s expectations and was THE event Friday evening with hundreds of people celebrating and scores of Mustangs from all eras on display.

The Barber Motorsports Park was simply the best possible venue to host an event like this. With a track carved out of the rolling hills, it provided a venue unlike any other for performance drivers to challenge their skills around the 2.38 mile track. Located at the track, the Barber Motorsports Museum had on display the very first Mustang to roll off the assembly line – a true sight to behold. Also at the track were displays by many key partners in the Mustang world including, Ford Racing Performance Parts, Ford Motor Company-Ford Division, Temec Transmissions and others that added a unique/distinct flavor and excitement to this outdoor event.

During the celebration, our highly publicized “Steeda Autosports Drawing” for a certificate for $2,000 of our Steeda Autosports Suspension upgrades attracted scores of attention with thousands of entries vying for a chance to win. While everyone that entered automatically became eligible to a special 10% discount, there would be only one grand prize award winner.

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The overall winner – Neil Case, who made the long migration all the way from Colorado to attend the 45th Birthday bash with a close friend. As it turns out, Neil was the perfect individual to win the $2,000 worth of Steeda suspension upgrades, he and his wife are devote Mustang enthusiasts and own a slew of Mustangs including:

  • 1966 coupe that they recently restored and will be handed down to their youngest daughter
  • 1967 coupe that their oldest daughter helped restore when she was in high school
  • 1968 High Country Special that is currently awaiting restoratio
  • 2005 GT that Neil drives daily (weather permitting of course) that will be the beneficiary of the Steeda suspension upgrade

Neil’s and his wife have been weekend racers for about eight years and visit the drag strip and auto-cross as often as possible. Early on they realized that competing an early model Mustang against late model cars is difficult, especially when SCCA categorizes them in the same class despite technology differences to suspension and horsepower. Hence, they purchased the 2005 Mustang they currently campaign. While Neil customized the exterior of the car, doing most of the work himself, nothing had been done to the drive train or suspension to make it a true “weekend warrior” because his budget required the suspension system to be trumped by his oldest daughters’ upcoming wedding expenses. Having won the $2,000 dollar Steeda suspension system upgrade, Neil commented: “…this will allow us to have wedding cake and eat it too!” Neil also added: “Thank you Steeda Autosports offering such generous opportunities to the followers of the Mustang aftermarket industry. I look forward to the difference the suspension will make for my car on the track”.

We will be profiling Neil’s experience in the future as he transforms his car with our suspension upgrades. Showing the extent of the modifications as well as his true comments about how Steeda Autosports products improved the performance of his 2005 Mustang GT, this will be one story you most certainly will not want to miss!

Steeda Autosports wants to congratulate Ford Motor Company, Team Mustang, Neil Case, and everyone that is an aficionado of Mustang for making the 45th Anniversary Celebration the best one yet!

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