Robin Burnett – Steeda 2008 American Iron Champion

May 6, 2009 2:32 pm

Robin Burnett never dreamed that a date he was on in 1996 at Waterford Hills Raceway in suburban Detroit would would change his life. He ended up marrying that very special woman who shared his passion for racing and, with her support, eventually would become a National Racing Champion in a Steeda Mustang. Often called a “Cowboy” for driving antics, Robin understands it takes both an aggressive and a technical approach to be successful in racing.

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The many race victories, records, and championships he has won all started with a Ford Fiesta with over 109,000 miles on the odometer when campaigned and won the 1987 local SCCA Improved Touring C class at Waterford Hills. From that very first championship, Robin was hooked on speed and the thrill of victory and has never stopped or looked back since. Ultimately when the Fiesta became a bit tired, he upped the ante, changed classes and upgraded to the Mustang platform and has consistently turned to Steeda Autosports for all his performance parts and accessories.

The very first Mustang he raced was a 1989 blue Mustang GT that was previously his daily driver, but also became his race car competing in the SCCA American Sedan Series. Over the years Robin has consistently adopted new stallions to his stable including a ’94 Cobra, ’99 Cobra, and his current ride, a 2005 Mustang GT – all fully equipped with Steeda performance parts – a requirement he says is mandatory to ensure his winning ways.

Robin’s accomplishments are many, ranging from Regional SCCA Champion in 1992 and 1993 to his current string of three (3) consecutive Regional Championships from 2005 thru 2007. In 2008, Robin became the NASA National Champion racing his red Steeda Q-Series Mustang against a host of many other hotly prepared vehicles. As a mater of fact, ever since Robin started running in the NASA National Championships, he has never failed to make the podium and consistently waves the Steeda championship banner!

The S197 pony he is racing today has a bevy of performance parts from Steeda Autosports and an ideal engine from Ford Racing Performance Parts. A inventory of the parts he has on the car includes our competition race wing, aerodynamic front facia, full coil over suspension, hardcore engine mounts, control arms, stay bars, and a custom Steeda brake package that provides maximum cooling. The list of Steeda parts goes on and on, just rest assured he is a rolling test bed for Steeda at every race he goes to. Also included for that special “go power” is the famed Ford Racing Performance Parts Boss 302 Stroker motor – a potent mandatory requirement if you want to be competitive in the NASA American Iron Class he regularly competes in. It should be noted that all of these parts are readily available for sale to anyone – they are not custom “one-of” parts, but rather “off the shelf parts” that you too can purchase by visiting

Robin’s daily driver today is a 2007 Mustang GT that also has a serious shot of Steeda improvements including a full Steeda suspension package and a few other performance tricks from Steeda. It seams like he just cannot limit his need for performance just to the race track!

This summer, in an effort to take the “Championship to the People”, Robin Burnett and his Steeda Mustang will be touring many other various tracks in the Eastern part of the United States to showcase his driving skills and his winning Steeda Q Mustang. In April he was at Virginia International Raceway where, in his first race of the season he chalked up another podium finish by qualifying and finishing first – a habit he has grown accustomed to !

Later, you will also be able to see him and his red Steeda Q as on this special tour at:

  • Sebring (June)
  • Mid-Ohio (August)
  • Road Atlanta (August)
  • Watkins Glen (October)

Everyone at Steeda Autosports is exceptionally proud that the 2008 NASA American Iron National Champion – Robin Burnett is racing again this season with his Steeda Autosport equipped Mustang. Proudly defending his championship and the Mustang badge of honor, Robin is a true champion!

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