Introducing Steeda’s Lightweight K-Member

September 30, 2009 8:24 pm

With hundreds of hours of design and engineering development work completed, and exhaustive testing done at various road courses and dragstrips around the country, the Steeda lightweight replacement K-member is simply the BEST available anywhere at any price. The only aftermarket K-Member created under strict ISO 9001-2000 certified processes, it is a no compromise approach for the serious performance handling aficionado that demands the best in an upgrade for to the front end geometry of a ’96 – ’04 Mustang GT.

Many will question: “What is a K-Member?” or “Why would I need this part?”

The answers are simple: The K-member is the large subframe that is bolted to the front portion of the Mustang unibody structure. In addition to providing necessary structural rigidity to the Mustang unibody, this subassembly also has the attachment points for the front suspension components, steering, as well as the engine. It gets it name because when it is viewed in plan view, it closely resembles the letter “K” laid down on its side.

However, if you have a desire to take the performance of your Mustang to a much higher level, then the Steeda K-Member is the foundation needed to build upon. This is because with the Steeda K-Member interface between the frame, front suspension, and engine, it allows you to make modifications,that will enhance your vehicles grip and handling predictability, improving track performance, and at the same time reducing weight and improve the vehicles rigidity.

The K-member itself does nothing for caster, camber, or bump steer adjustment. You still need caster/camber plates and a bump steer kit to adjust those things. The K-member gives you ackerman adjustment and roll center height adjustment.

Constructed of a combination of 4130 chromoly and other high strength alloy steels, this part weighs just ~32 pounds without the spring seats (for coilover setups) or ~35 pounds with the spring seats (for stock-style spring setups).  With the stock Ford K-member weighing in at a hefty ~51 pounds – this setup offers up to 19 pounds of weight savings off of the front end of your vehicle.

Weight savings are only part of the story and there are many other K-Members available in the market today – each has a particular benefit as well as particular shortcomings. The Steeda Lightweight K-Member has been designed to be suitable both on the road courses as well as the dragstrip – without compromising safety, strength, adjustability, or performance. There is a definite reason we invested a significant amount of our engineering resources to bring this product to market. We wanted to design, engineer, and manufacturer simply the BEST product available anywhere and at any price. The Steeda name on this performance part is your guarantee of the highest quality, perfect fit, and maximum overall attainable performance.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing – rest assured that the Sales Professionals at Steeda can fully explain everything you need to know about the Steeda K-Member, and can also assist you in selecting the perfect components that will make your Mustang perform up to it’s fullest potential and your expectations. Call them today at 954-960-0774 for a personalized performance consultation.

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