Steeda Balljoints – What Your Lowered Stang Needs

May 12, 2010 2:00 pm

Suspension geometry is a very complicated subject, one that very few people in the automotive industry really fully understand. What most people do not realize is that whenever you alter the ride height of your vehicle, as you do when installing lowering springs, you dramatically alter your suspension geometry. We are not talking about wheel alignments here – rather we are talking about steering geometry changes that have a discernable impact on your overall vehicle’s performance. At Steeda Autosports, we take our suspension designs very seriously as it is one of the key components required for optimum performance on the street and the track.

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That is why we offer our exclusive Steeda X2 and X5 Balljoint kits for 1994-2009 Mustangs that provide an easy fix to correct the problem that every lowered Mustang will experience. Our X2 / X5 Balljoints improve your vehicle’s suspension geometry on by raising the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot-point. This in turn raises the vehicle’s roll center back into the correct range for optimum handling, resulting in reduced body roll, quicker steering response and improved front tire grip – all key components for maximum vehicle performance.

The Technical Talk

When a Mustang is lowered, the front roll center changes due to the new position of the suspension pivot points. Lower the car too much and the front roll center drops to well below ground level, and worse than that, the roll center moves side to side as the body rolls, resulting in lost grip and erratic handling. Additionally, the lower roll center causes the body to roll more easily. Countering this tendency usually requires a significant increase in front spring rates to simply control the added roll due to the lowered the roll center. This higher spring rate not only hurts ride quality, but it also reduces grip on rough surfaces, as the stiffer springs cause the tire to skip over bumps instead of following the contours of the road. The X2 /X5 balljoints we designed eliminate these problems by correcting the front roll center geometry perfectly!

Specifically, the X2 balljoint has a longer shaft, to raise the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot point. Spacers for the springs are included in the X2 kit to maintain the same ride height as a stock balljoint, but with a much improved roll center height. With the roll center restored to proper height, smaller front swaybars and softer springs can be utilized. The result is a suspension that works for you to accommodate the small and large imperfections that are in any road or track, allowing the tires to remain firmly planted on the ground where they belong.


Our balljoints are designed and made in the USA to exacting specifications – your guarantee of the best absolute quality available anywhere. Except for their custom length, they are made with the same materials and design that has been extensively tested in various severe duty applications (e.g. Police vehicles), and demonstrated the durability exceeding current production “regular” balljoints. In addition, they meet or exceed Ford Motor Company’s standards for friction, wear, and durability resulting in the best balljoints for your lowered Mustang.


While most aftermarket manufacturers will just sell you a set of springs and then send you on your way, at Steeda Autosports we go the extra distance to ensure that your Mustang will deliver optimum performance as part of a comprehensive suspension package. Around the shop we call it the “Steeda Difference”….. that is why vehicles equipped with our suspension systems consistently outperform all competitors.

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