2010 Camp Steeda Recap

June 7, 2010 2:21 pm

The 2010 running of the annual Camp Steeda Driving Event, presented by Track Guys, at Sebring International Raceway may be over – but the memories will certainly last forever.  With attendance up from last year’s great showing, performance enthusiasts from around the country were on hand to challenge the famous 3.7 mile full race circuit for two full days of on-track excitement.   In addition, and not to be overshadowed from all of the fun at this annual event, was the ongoing product development that the Steeda Autosports Team was doing live at the track.  Our Engineering Teams and our Professional Drivers were all there testing our existing and new products under conditions that only the Sebring racetrack can provide.

As everyone expected, the weather was perfect, the track conditions were outstanding, and the excitement was no-stop as the Track Guys coordinated yet another great enthusiast event that exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Sebring International Raceway is unique in that in addition to its rich history that invigorates every driver, it also is a track that offers the greatest challenge to the driver and the vehicle at every turn and straightaway.  The more you push, the more grueling and challenging the track is.  It is the perfect track for all drivers, from beginning to experienced levels to drive in a manner that hones and improves one’s performance driving skills.

Every time we are at a racetrack, and Camp Steeda is no exception, we are there with the primary intention of testing our products.  From prototype and developmental products, to existing products that have been in production for some time – we continually test our products under real world race conditions.  This years event was no exception as our fleet of retail test vehicles included everything from our 2011 Steeda Fiesta to our ultimate Steeda built 5.0L powered StreetFighter Mustang.  While some company’s simply put together and sell a “package” of parts or build a show vehicle to showcase their products without any real world track testing and refinement  – we opt to test our products to the extreme so that our customers expectations will be fully fulfilled.Plenty of individuals waited in line for the opportunity to be given some “hot lap” rides around the track by the various Steeda professional drivers that were on hand.  American Iron Champion Robin Burnett made the long trip from Michigan with his championship Steeda Mustang, and Virgina native Tom Ellis, the SCCA National Points Champion had his famed Steeda equipped Mustang also there for the performance faithful to ride in as well.  In addition, Steeda’s President Dario Orlando and Vice President of Operations – Glen Vitale were also providing rides, thrills, and performance driving tips to everyone!  It was amazing the amount of smiles everyone had when their ride was over and they took their helmet off — It didn’t matter if they were a novice or experienced, everyone’s adrenalin was pumping and excitement was endless.

Case in point is our Steeda Streetfighter concept that was built and revealed at Los Angeles Auto Show.  Some people might think that this vehicle with its stunning appearance was created just for show – but building a car just for show is just not something we do.  While we appreciate a car that has an exceptional and desirable appearance, paramount is that the vehicle MUST perform and perform unlike any other!  At this past weekends event, the StreetFighter was being raced around the track at speed by none other than Dario Orlando himself as he was using his 35+ years of racing experience to further refine and tweak the StreetFighter’s on-track and street performance manners.

With all of the on-track excitement going on, it is nice to sit back and relax a bit and take it all in.  The Saturday evening sports Banquet held at the track’s facility provided a perfect opportunity for all attendees to dine and share in the day’s excitement.  At this banquet there were many various door prizes awarded that were donated by the very generous sponsors of this event.  In that accord, we want to offer our thanks to Nitto Tire, Hawk Performance Brake Pads, Tremec Transmissions, SCT Automotive Performance Products for their support of the event and also for their on-site assistance they provided to the drivers that were there during their track sessions.

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