Maximize Your 5.0L Mustangs Intake System

June 18, 2010 2:40 pm

Steeda Autosports, the World’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of Ford performance equipment, is  leading the performance market with our Cold Air Intake (CAI) specially made for the  2011 & newer 5.0L Mustang. This high performance CAI effectively opens up the intake system of Ford’s  five-liter power plant and allows it to breath much more freely than the stock intake system allows – taking your 2011 & newer 5.0L Mustang to the next level of performance.

Mustang Cold Air Intake

The 2011 & newer 5.0L Mustang’s intake system from Ford is an excellent piece, one of the best ever to come out of Dearborn. But as usual, the engineers at Steeda were up to the challenge of making it even better for the performance customer that demands more power.  Our engineers started with a large surface area high-flow nano-fiber air filter, added our famous “race-tested” velocity stack intake and then designed a stainless steel heat shield with durable rubber gasket to seal the shield against the vehicle’s hood. Next we increased the MAF housing size to 95mm and coupled it to a new higher flowing Pro-Flow inlet hose with our Cool-Tube Technology. You would think this is more than enough, but we went the extra mile and designed this intake system to accept the factory sound tube should you decide you want to keep it for that robust intake sound many appreciate. Last but not least we engineered our CAI to accept the stock factory lower cold air scoop so that the coolest and densest air charge possible would flow into the intake (something other competitors on the market often chose to neglect).

Mustang 5.0L Cold Air Intake

This Cold Air Intake is so effective at improving airflow into the five-liter engine that a performance tune is not just recommended, it is required for maximum performance! In an effort to maximize performance and provide our customers with only the very best products, we have partnered with the leader in automotive tuning – SCT Automotive Performance Products. We worked closely with SCT’s President, Chris Johnson and developed a specialized tune for the new 5.0L powertrain with our cold air intake. As you can imagine, Chris knows a few things about tuning, and with the robust features of their state-of-the-art X3 Flash Programmer, this custom tune combined with our Cold Air Intake, the power increase is dramatic – peak to peak increase was over 38 horsepower, with point to point gains of as much as 44 horsepower. Peak to peak torque increase was 36 ft/lbs of torque, with point to point increases of over 40 ft/lbs.  Another key point to consider is that the actual power increase is spread throughout the entire rpm range so your increased performance is available on demand in the instant you need it most!

5.0L Mustang Dyno Sheet

Why did we strategically aligned ourselves with SCT Automotive Performance Products and utilize their X3 Flash Programmer? The answer is simple, SCT has the best flash tools in the business today as they employ the latest flash technology. With features like the ability to store up to 10 custom tunes, and an abundant amount of end user adjustable features including datalogging. There is simply no better performance tune or device available today for the Mustang than the SCT lineup!

Following is an article we published in the past that is best described as “The Truth About Cold Air Intakes” – an authoritative summary about how they work, what to look for and what differentiates Steeda’s CAIs from all of the rest. Take the time and read it and you too will appreciate what the Steeda difference is all about!

The Truth About Cold Air Intake

The theory behind performance Cold Air Intakes is to let your engine breathe better by allowing for a less restrictive flow of cooler air into your engine – thereby improving your engine’s overall performance level. But what most people do not realize is that while fundamentality most Cold Air Intakes may all look somewhat alike, in practicality there are HUGE DIFFERENCES in their actual on-car performance capabilities at different engine speeds. Rest assured that all Steeda Cold Air Intakes are extensively engineered with the latest computer simulation systems, and then exhaustively tested in real world high performance conditions on the dyno, street, racetrack, and dragstrip to be the best you can buy for your Ford performance vehicle.

The engineering team at Steeda has taken the guesswork and “black magic” out of the various systems that are available today. As a validation of our superiority, our Cold Air Intakes were tested by Ford Motor Company and were found to be far superior to any other Cold Air Intake available in the marketplace – so much so that they were chosen by Ford Racing to be standard equipment on the Shelby GT and GT-H program. No other Ford performance company can make this claim!

The Steeda Difference

Factors you should consider before you buy a Cold Air Intake system include:

Air Filter

Your engine, in simplest terms, is an air pump fueled by gasoline. Increased airflow, therefore, means increased performance. The first opportunity to increase airflow is with a low restriction air filter that allows for the free flow of air while protecting your engine from harmful contaminants. At Steeda, our special air filter element walks the fine line between performance and protection to consistently deliver the increased volume of air your performance engine needs under all power conditions – from idle to full power, and yet maintains full protection, ensuring that only a clean air charge enters your engine. The Steeda Lifetime Filter can easily be cleaned and re-oiled, making maintenance a snap even for the novice.


This is perhaps one of the MAJOR differences in Cold Air Intakes as it is most often overlooked by other manufacturers – it is what separates Steeda from all other systems you can buy. Any bend, restriction, rough surface, or change in the inlet tube diameter will create a change in flow turbulence. Excessive turbulence hurts flow velocity which, in turn, makes it more difficult to pack air into the cylinder. Also, turbulence in front of the MAF sensor can cause erratic airflow signals to be sent to your engine’s electronic control module – resulting in an incorrect air/fuel mixture being delivered into your engine. At Steeda, we minimize turbulence with the design of our billet aluminum MAF tube, velocity stack, and intake elbow to ensure that the airflow into your engine is as smooth as possible. Even the air filter has a converging spike to reduce turbulence. We go to these extremes because you deserve the best!

Velocity Stack Air Flow

Air Box & Intake Tube

We designed our heat shield to accept the factory inlet snorkel. This captures the coolest intake charge possible so that you get the maximum amount of power. Other designs use simple walls that do little to block engine heat with some not even utilizing the factory snorkel.

Once that cool air makes it through the MAF tube and past the sensor, it continues on to the throttle body by way of a custom-molded silicone intake tube with large diameter bends rather than sharp turns. The smooth interior and gradual bends featured on this tube contribute to minimizing turbulence in the air intake system. These are the kinds of details that improve performance and set Steeda apart from the rest.


Our Cold Air Intakes for 2005-2011 Mustang are so effective at unlocking the hidden power potential of your engine, that you are required to have the calibration of your engine modified so that you are assured to have the proper air/fuel mixture.

What should you do now?

Call us at 954-960-0774 and talk to one of our Steeda Sales Professionals. Our staff of highly trained and well qualified professionals can talk to you about your specific application and needs and can spec out a Cold Air Intake and a performance tune that will exceed your expectations and deliver to you the most for your hard earned performance dollar.

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