Steeda Attends SEMA Show in Las Vegas

November 16, 2010 9:05 pm

The Annual SEMA Show held in Las Vegas is always “the show” where the OEMs and aftermarket builders showcase their latest performance bred vehicles and speed related parts and accessories.   The 2010 SEMA Show was no different this year for Steeda Autosports as we had a total of three different factory sponsored vehicles on display including our all new Steeda Fiesta Sport, the performance tuned Steeda Fusion Sport, and the asphalt rippin’ 5.0L Steeda StreetFighter.

Steeda Fiesta Sport

The Steeda Fiesta showcased some serious handling and performance upgrades for Fiesta enthusiasts.  For this car, the power end of things is handled by a cold-air intake system that feeds unrestricted air into the 1.6L Ti-VCT I-4 engine.   The control aspect of the newly found power is handled by the famed Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter specially designed and engineered for the Fiesta’s 5-speed manual transmission that facilitates sure, quick, and confident shifts only as a Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter can.  On the exhaust side, a Steeda performance cat-back system eliminates the unwanted back-pressure and provides for that special sound you have come to expect from us.

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Planting this newly found power to the pavement is the specially designed chassis and suspension upgrades we developed for the Fiesta.  These upgrades include:

  • Specially tuned front and rear lowering springs
  • Retuned dampers on all four corners
  • Performance tuned front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Front strut tower brace
  • Steeda/Ford Racing Performance wheel set
  • Nitto NeoGen high performance tires (215/40/ZR17)

From an appearance perspective, the Steeda Fiesta taps the body modification experts at 3D Carbon and we applied their outstanding 4 piece body kit for the Ford Fiesta that includes a newly molded front air dam, left and right side skirts, and a rear lower facia that completes this stellar aerodynamic appearance package.   We further dress up the exterior of the car with a functional rear Euro rally-style spoiler and then applied our Steeda exterior graphics package that adds that “just right” look when you are blasting down the street.

Not to be overlooked, this car also featured the world debut of a very special lighting system from Valeo Lighting.  This lighting package, especially designed for the Ford Fiesta includes a bi-function HID headlamps as well as their super trick exterior LED lighting system.  With enhanced functionality and performance, this lighting system really makes the Steeda Fiesta stand out from all others.

Steeda Fusion

For the 2011 Ford Fusion, we upped the ante once again this year by bringing to the Ford Motor Company Corporate display the 2011 Steeda Fusion Sport.  Conceived to provide the performance enthusiast who requires a four-door sedan an alternative to European performance sedans, the transformation done to the Fusion is nothing short of dramatic. As if becomes a high-end performance sedan with increased power, more aggressive handling, suspension and barking systems people have come to expect from Steeda Autosports.

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Performance modifications made to this race-bred sedan include our proprietary Steeda Cold Air Intake that allows the 3.5L 24V V6 engine to breath much more freely than the stock intake system previously allowed.  With it’s design to provide the densest air charge possible for feeding to the engine, it prevents any hot engine air from being sucked in inadvertently from around the engine compartment.  We added a billet aluminum velocity stack and high flow nano-particle air filter to ensure a clean, cool, streamlined air charge straight to the engine.   The cold air intake combined with our Steeda Performance Tune resulted in a solid performance gain of up to 25 hp and 22 ft.lbs. of torque – effectively delivering an overall enhance performance level throughout the 3.5L’s RPM range.

In the chassis/suspension department we embarked on the mission to seriously transform the Fusion into a street/track sedan that would make owners of competing euro sedans jealous with envy.  Our modifications included the following Steeda Autosports upgrades:

  • specially tuned front and rear lowering springs that provide enhanced cornering and track performance and the “just right” appearance
  • retuned dampers on all four corners that plant the tires to the pavement under street and race conditions
  • anti-roll bars tuned for maximum performance and minimal roll
  • chassis stiffening front tower brace that locks the front struts tightly together and further minimizes chassis flexing

In the wheel and tire area, it was critical that we provide not only great looks, but also great performance.   Hence we opted for forged alloy 20” x 8.5” HRE 793R wheels and shod them with the outstanding Nitto INVO High Performance tires (245/30/ZR20).  With stunning looks and outstanding road gripping adhesion, this is one wheel and tire package that is very hard to beat on and off the track!

From a design perspective we collaborated closely with the Ford Motor Company Corporate Design Team for a fresh and awe inspiring graphic package that complements the existing Euro lines of the Fusion Sport.  The vehicle’s hood and roof have sections of matte, flat, and gloss clearcoat lines of differing widths – reminiscent of a product bar code design, and then we added a contrasting metallic orange racing stripe was to further draw attention that this is no normal Fusion Sport.  Completing the overall design, a Steeda windshield banner in body tone silver and metallic orange identifies this as part of the Steeda family of high performance vehicles.  From the street, to the track, to the dragstrip – Steeda delivers !

Steeda Q650 StreetFighter

The 5.0L Supercharged Q650 Steeda StreetFighter was proudly displayed in the Nitto Tire Booth at SEMA this year.  Equipped with their ultra high performance Nitto NT05 tires, this vehicle remains a huge attention grabber as well as a halo vehicle for the entire Steeda line of performance vehicles.

Being equipped with the Nitto NT05s call for some serious suspension upgrades so that the full potential of the Nittos can be appreciated – here we equipped the StreetFighter with the most extensive amount of suspension upgrades we have ever included on one of our production vehicles.  Incorporating our famed Watt’s Link Suspension system – this performance Mustang can easily pull over 1.2gs, and with it’s broad range of brutal power it has on demand, it can rip off 0-60 times that are less than 4 seconds with quarter mile times comfortably in the 10 second range. There is simply no other serialized Mustang available today that offers the performance, styling, and performance attitude that this Mustang has.

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While the exterior shares the same aerodynamic body modifications of the 2011 Q450 with the unique Steeda front fascia with openings for front brake duct cooling, the facia also incorporates unique vented openings for additional engine cooling. Additional exterior enhancements include:

  • Steeda rear spoiler tuned for maximum down force with the least amount of aerodynamic drag
  • Steeda rear facia that exhausts air from under the vehicle with extreme aero efficiency and minimal aerodynamic drag
  • Unique Steeda vented hood that exhausts the hot power robbing engine heat out and over the hood into the vehicle’s slipstream with amazing efficiency.

The suspension enhancements include but are not limited to:

  • Steeda/Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts
  • Steeda Upper Strut Mount Kit
  • Steeda Adjustable 3rd-Link Trailing Arm Kit
  • Steeda Lower Trailing Arm relocation brackets
  • Steeda Billet Lower Trailing Arms
  • Steeda X5 Ball Joint Kit
  • Steeda Bumpsteer Kit
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar
  • Steeda Rear Swaybar billet endlinks
  • Steeda Adjustable Front Swaybar
  • Steeda Watts Linkage kit
  • Steeda 3-point Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace Kit

The interior is yet another area where this vehicle speaks performance. Inside you will find it’s interior very sleek, athletic, and totally ready for aggressive driving. From the illuminated Steeda doors sills that greet you when you open the door, the interior includes the following performance related amenities:

  • A thick, Alcantara leather wrapped steering wheel assures a firm and secure grip during performance maneuvers
  • Body hugging, adjustable, leather covered, carbon fiber backed Steeda Sport Seats
  • Safecraft Safety Equipment 6-Point Safety Harness
  • Safecraft fire extinguisher system
  • Four-point, leather wrapped DOM steel roll bar with cross bracing
  • Steeda floor mats

To plant the power to the pavement and also to ensure secure stopping power during the most aggressive conditions, the Q650 Streetfighter includes:

  • HRE Monoblock P40 wheels (20” x 9.5” front, 20” x 11” rear) with a brushed finish
  • Nitto NT05 High Performance tires (275/35 20 front, 315/35 20 rear)
  • Steeda/Baer 6-Piston High Performance Brake Package (six piston front –and- six piston rear brakes) with 15” crossed drilled and slotted rotors

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