Hot Rod Power Tour & the Steeda Q650

June 8, 2011 2:25 pm

The 2011 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour started this past week and the Steeda Q650 made an impromptu appearance when it came into Valdosta Georgia. With the second leg of the Power Tour ironically in Steeda’s backyard – at the South Georgia Motorsports park facility, it was a no-brainer that the Steeda faithful would make an appearance and be very supportive of this annual salute to American performance.

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With over 2,500 people in attendance at the second leg of the tour, it is much more than just a rolling car show – it also is an event where vehicles are given the chance to perform and when you are at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, the dragstrip is where the action is. Weather was extremely hot with temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity to match…..not the best weather for maximum performance as the heat and humidity just rob every vehicle of power and torque. Nevertheless, the Steeda Q650 was able to record the fastest elapse time and highest trap speed of ALL the cars that were competing that day! With our own Scott Boda behind the wheel and the super sticky Nitto NT05 tires on the rear, Scott was able to rip an elapse time of 11.21 and a speed of over 128 mph – definitely no slouch on the track that day. Granted, the times that day were off from the Q’s best of 10.78 at over 135 mph, but you must factor in the horrible conditions that day that all of the competitors were forced to race with, the times were very respectable.

At Steeda Autosports, we salute Hot Rod Magazine and all of their loyal readers for all of the contributions that they have done to promote speed and performance that is born in America!

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