What Our Customers Are Saying

July 28, 2011 10:19 am

At Steeda Autosports we customarily prefer to take a low-keyed approach as we embark on our mission of building the very best performance parts and accessories for Ford vehicles.   Daily we receive many accolades and comments, all that we sincerely welcome and appreciate.  The thought came to us that you just might like to read just a few of the various comments that our customers have sent to us recently – it is the unbiased vote of confidence that our loyal customers enjoy whenever they purchase items from us.

From 2011GT: Hold on to your pants!!!

I had the Steeda Ultimate Induction Pak installed on my 2011 Mustang GT Premium MT, at the same time as I had my Ultra-Lite Springs installed. From the moment I got my new 5.0, I was impressed with the power band, torque and acceleration of the car. But after the install of the Steeda CAI and Tune, my Mustang became a whole different breed. It’s alive, breathing and running stronger than ever before!

This combination is a MUST for every 5.0 owner to really enjoy the full potential of the car! The throttle response is phenomenal, the increased power is definitely noticible through out the entire RPM range and the tune just sets the car apart from all other Mustangs. You can actually hear the air being sucked into the huge cone filter!!! Absolutely awesome product!!!

From SSG Terry Roberts – US Military: 4th of July Message

Hello my name is SSG Terry Roberts I wanted to personally thank Mr. Orlando for his heart felt message he sent out on the 4th of July. I totally agree with Mr. Orlando that America is and will be the best place to live and work.  Sadly I have seen the effects of Companies farming out work to overseas shops and putting into the market inferior products. That’s why I took the time to make my choices when it comes to my 2006 Mustang GT. Steeda offers first a superior product that is made in The United States Of America. I have dedicated my life to the service of this country for over 20 years during times of war and peace. I write this letter from my current positionin the Combat Zone.  I just wanted to thank Steeda its employees and vendors for their dedication not only to a American Icon like the Mustang but the philosophy and fact that MADE IN AMERICA means something and is worth defending.

God Bless you Mr. Orlando and the Steeda family of fine performance products and God bless America.

From jsnyng: Excellent CAI

I’ve had the Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake on my 2011 Mustang GT for a couple of months now. This product combined with an SCT tuner should be the first performance upgrade to any 2011 Mustang GT 5.0. Off the showroom floor, these cars are awesome, but the additional horsepower, increased throttle response, and old-school muscle car sound make this upgrade well worth the money.

Installation was fairly straightforward and simple. Even if you’re not a mechanic by trade, if you can follow instructions you can install this yourself. It takes about 10 minutes to get the old intake off your car. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the new intake right out of the box. It took about 10 minutes to put the new intake back on the car. From start to finish, I was done with the installation in about an hour.

From Blacklxnotch: Love my shifter!

I’ve used Steeda shifters in all my Mustangs and I’ve loved them! Starting with my 87 Mustang, my former 96 Cobra, and now my current 2011 Mustang GT. This shifter is amazing!!! I thought the stock shifter was pretty good for once on my 2011 and was not sure how much better it could get. This shifter is WAY ahead of the stock one and I’m very happy I took the plunge and got it. It tightens things up nicely, makes the throw much shorter but still shifting nice and smooth. It is not notchy at all. It also makes the 2nd to 3rd shift a breeze! This is my 3rd Steeda shifter and none of them have ever disappointed me. Steeda ROCKS!!!

From jsnyng: Love the aggressive look

The aggressive stance that these springs provide is awesome. I would call it perfect. I have them on my 2011 Mustang GT, and the car no longer has that 4×4 stance. The car is even and balanced. I’ve gotten more compliments on the car since getting these springs than anything else I’ve done to it. If you’re going for that “slammed” look, you might want to try the UltraLites. The ride with these Steeda Sport Springs is much better than stock. There is no braking nosedive, and the car just feels planted when going into corners

From 3fifty6: Total Satisfaction

I must take this opportunity, once again, to thank you for the quality of the Steeda products. My car sounds great – Steeda mufflers, runs very strong with my Steeda cold air box & retune, & looks great with my Steeda springs. It now sits where it should & I am very pleased with the improvement in handling. Cornering is now much crisper. When i get some decent tires I will be setting the world on fire. Everything fits perfectly & the fit & finish is the best. Thank you. I look forward to the improvement in shifting I will enjoy with my new shifter.

From Eleanorstang07: Shocks and Struts

I have had Steeda Pro-Action Shocks and Struts installed for about 60,000 miles so far and still no leaks or failure. I’m running these with Steeda sport springs and love the ride. Daily driver, not hoppy nor too soft. In my opinion just right for a great look with great performance.

From srs276: Frame brace

This should be one of the first improvements done to the car! It tightened everything up so much that I no longer have any creaks or squeaks around the interior area of the doors. The rear is firmly planted at the drags strip, but I really noticed the difference in the cornering abilities. Bolted right up, then had them welded in place.

From joey88: WOW

All I have to say is that this intake will turn your car into another animal! I highly recommend this for any new 5.0 Stang out there…The performance and sound are amazing. Made a HUGE difference

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