Semi-Annual Pony Wars Recap – In Pictures!

October 26, 2011 1:56 pm

On October 8th, Steeda Autosports and LSR Performance hosted the semi-annual Pony Wars at the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta, Georgia.

Pony Wars is a unique celebration of American Muscle cars, and this past October 8th was the date of the most recent event on the grounds of the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia.  This is where Ford, GM and Mopar enthusiast gather for a day of drag racing, car shows and automotive excitement.   This year, there were over 200 cars racing on the track, making it yet another successful Pony War celebration on a beautiful fall day.

The racing event included 3 heads up classes that all started “Pinks Style” with the classic arm drop to start the race.  Cars were assigned to their class based on their ET’s.  One class was for mid 11 second cars, another for 12.5 -13 second cars, and a final class for 13.5 second cars. When all of the racing was done, 2 race titles were won by Camaro’s (Joe Tuttle 2011 Camaro and Steven Davis 2002 Camaro) and the fast 11 second class was won by the 2011 Steeda Drag pak Mustang driven by Steeda’s own Scott Boda.

With the winning Steeda Drag pak car, traction was a slight issue due to the car not being completely converted over from it’s Sebring track spec’s, but when it mattered the most it got down the track 1st every time it raced.  Since Steeda Autosport and LSR Performance sponsored this event for fun and the enthusiasts, Scott Boda had no problem awarding the Prize money to second place driver Brian Laird in the spirit of sportsmanship.

In addition to the three heads up classes – there was also a “Quick 8” class that put the fastest competitors together.  To level the playing field we ran this class based off an index of their quickest qualifying pass.  This class ended up being dominated by the Blue Oval entries with the overall winner was Bill Jones in his Fox based Mustang.

Make sure to check out the photos from the event, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next Pony Wars!

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