Take Your 2005 thru 2012 Mustang Handling To The Next Level

January 26, 2012 8:20 pm

The 2005 through 2012 Mustang is a phenomenal automobile in stock form.  But when it comes to improving their handling, most Mustang enthusiasts automatically think about installing a set of mustang lowering springs and mustang swaybars, and also swapping out their mustang upper and mustang lower control arms.  While these items will have a measurable affect on your Mustang’s performance – there is one other key element that is often overlooked that can provide huge gains in handling, performance, and ride quality: your shocks and struts.

Mustang shocks and struts are a critical element in your mustang suspension system.  When they are specifically tuned for maximum street/track/strip performance, the shocks/struts help your tires maintain a consistent contact patch on the pavement and reduce the amount of bounce and rebound – all without jarring the car and it’s occupants.  This tuning is far more complex than just having a set of shocks that are “stiff” – rather, there is a tremendous amount of tuning required to create just the right level of suspension shock damping, and to dissipate the unwanted kinetic energy that is created whenever you encounter an uneven road surface.

In general terms, a shock/strut help to cushion your vehicle – but at Steeda, we realize that they can provide an unparalleled level of improvement in your vehicles handling and provide a definite edge when it comes to performance.

The Steeda line of Pro-Action Shocks are designed and engineered by us to outperform the stock shock/struts that are on the Mustang and exceed the OE standards for durability and build quality.   There is no doubt in the aftermarket that Steeda Autosports is the leader in suspension technology for Ford vehicles.   We earned this reputation by being committed to do everything possible to enhance the performance and handling of stock suspensions and to create a comprehensive line of performance parts that individually and together take the handling of the Mustang to an entirely new level that enthusiasts demand.

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We literally tested hundreds of different shock/strut combinations with our extensive computer analysis, and then road tested them on the track, street, and dragstrip until we were 100% satisfied that we perfected their performance.    Specifically designed to provide outstanding control and handling characteristics, and well as a ride quality that is very complacent, the Steeda Pro-Action Shocks are one of the very first items that should be installed on a Mustang to enhance it’s overall handling.   Even if you do not swap out your springs or do any other suspension enhancements, replacing your shocks/struts will dramatically improve your handling to the level you dream about.

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