Steeda Focus Product Development – The Racing Advantage

February 14, 2013 1:13 pm

Buyer Beware: If you are a current Ford Focus owner or are contemplating on getting a hot new Focus ST and will be in need of performance parts, it is critical you understand the Steeda difference and the benefits you can receive. Unlike most other performance parts manufacturers or distributors, the Steeda Team is comprised of not just businessmen out for quick profits or geeky engineers that have zero race experience, or a bunch of greedy accountants that try to thrift product content. Rather, we are comprised of a team of dedicated, die-hard/hard core racers that also happen to be exceptional technical engineers, and honest business professionals that have a firm commitment to produce the very best track tested products possible right here in America.

Steeda Focus ST Development Vehicle

Just one example of this is the ongoing product development we have undertaken on the Ford Focus. Our President of Steeda, Dario Orlando has been racing for over 40 years a variety of RWD and FWD vehicles, fine tuning them and further developing and refining their performance as well as honing his own keen ability to dial in a car better than the competition. For example, this past weekend following the Pony Wars event, he took our older 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 to Sebring International Raceway for a weekend SCCA Road Racing event. This ZX3 has served as just one of the many front wheel drive vehicles we have in our test fleet and has undergone a variety of modifications over the years as we test new performance ideas, spring rates, stabilizer bar settings, and other elements that are completely unique to a front wheel drive vehicle platform. Dario purposely started dead last in the race – 65th position to be exact. During the race he was hauling in and hunting down various cars and at the end, he was in second place ready to drive up the tail pipe of the leading Porsche 944 at the finish line – all in a 10 year old Steeda Focus!

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

So when you set out to purchase performance parts and accessories for your Focus, ask yourself if you want to purchase parts made by people that say they know performance, or would you want to purchase from a company that really knows performance and proves it at the race track?

Do you want parts made overseas by suppliers that have never seen or tested your type of car, or do you want performance parts that have been specifically made under strict ISO 9001:2008 Certified practices here in the USA with the highest quality materials that have also been extensively tested under the most harsh conditions possible – the race track?

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

Do you want parts made by a small shop with limited experience and questionable equipment and sold by an internet .com clearinghouse that is more concerned about dollars to their bottom line –or– do you want to buy from a company that is really concerned about performance, and can deliver the integrity and quality you deserve for your hard earned dollar?

Steeda Focus Development Vehicle at Sebring

The answer should be obvious – Take advantage of the knowledge base of our entire team and leverage the extensive racing and engineering experience that goes into every part we manufacturer. Go ahead and ask other manufacturers if they are ISO 9001:2008 Certified – their answer may surprise you because only a handful of performance aftermarket companies in this business today undertake the same quality commitment that we do.

By choosing Steeda you are buying not only a performance part or a turn-key Steeda serialized vehicle, but also a commitment that guarantees you the highest level of quality and a level of performance that is unlike any other.

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