Steeda Takes 1st Place at SCCA Enduro Championship Race

June 18, 2014 8:19 pm

The SCCA race action at the Homestead-Miami Speedway this past weekend was hot, with blistering near 100 degree conditions on the track and over 120 degree conditions in the race car, and the race results were even hotter when the #20 Steeda prepared Mustang not only captured both pole positions but also finished in first place beating all other cars including various built Porsche, BMW, Corvette race cars and purpose built race cars.

Using approximately half of the famed Homestead-Miami oval and all of the infield road course, the circuit was a challenging one that incorporated high speed areas where speeds exceeded 150 mph and slower hairpin turns where you were forced to slow to a crawl to negotiate a 180° tight hairpin turns. In order to win at this circuit, a properly prepared car needed to be able to have the power and stability for high speeds, and also the cornering ability to stay tight in the turns and out-handle everyone else. Suffice to say – the Steeda G-Trac suspension system was up to the task as it was able to overcome all challenges and perform as it was designed and engineered to do.

Steeda Q650R Mustang

For the first race SARRC race, our President and CEO Dario Orlando took our #20 Steeda Q650R and qualified for the pole position and when it came to the race, he never looked back as he was able to finish in first place – an indication of even greater accomplishments that were to be forthcoming later that day (more on that later). During this initial race, a challenging Corvette lacked the braking required for a hairpin turn – crashed into the rear of our car and went careening off course. The suspension system of the #20 Steeda maintained its composure and remained on line – even when it was subjected to the crash forces from the Corvette that could have unbalanced the car and also sent it out of control…further testament to the road hugging attributes of the Steeda suspension system.

Steeda’s Glen Vitale and Q650R

The next race was a 1.5 hour-long endurance race that would be sure to challenge the most seasoned drivers, cars, and crews. This race required mandatory pit stop and driver changes and when you factor in the blistering heat, it was going to be a real dual at the track. With 35 cars entered, our Vice President Glen Vitale was able to qualify on the pole position with the fastest time overall. When the green flag dropped, Dario was able to pilot the Q650R expertly and was able to hold off many challenges as the Q650R performed as intended. At the 45 minute mark, Dario pitted and our own Glen took the wheel piloting the Q650R. With Glen’s driving attitude of “drive it like I stole it” – he further increased the lead that Dario provided him and when the checkered flag dropped, the Steeda Q650R lapped the ENTIRE field in route to a commanding victory in this most challenging endurance race.

Steeda VP, Glen Vitale and Steeda CEO, Dario Orlando

It should be noted that for both races, our Steeda Q650R was equipped with Nitto DOT tires… yes… we used a street tire on our car to further test and subsequently prove the capabilities of the Nitto brand verses the full competition only tires that the other competitors were running. The Nitto tires showed their superiority of design and construction by lasting for the entire race and by providing the superior corning and wear attributes that the Nitto brand is most famous for.

Steeda Q450 Mustang Pace Car at Homestead

Our #20 Steeda Q650R serves as a rolling test-bed for many of the suspension items we engineer, develop and sell. Unlike most other companies, we have a guiding philosophy that mandates we test under the most severe conditions the various performance parts we develop with the realization that putting them into actual race conditions that it will either prove the functionality and durability of the part, or it will destroy it. That way our customers are guaranteed that a Steeda performance part is the best it can possibly be and that it will be sure to live up to the rigors that they may subject their cars to without fail. We call it “Race Tested Confidence”.

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