Q450 Steeda Mustang Conversion Parts Available At Summit Racing

December 12, 2014 9:48 pm

The aggressive 460 horsepower Q450 Enforcer Steeda Mustang with 442 lbs.-ft of torque and 1.03G of lateral grip can now be yours using the specified Steeda parts offered by Summit Racing.

2014 Steeda Mustang

2014 Steeda Mustang

Designed for power-hungry enthusiasts, the Q450 doesn’t disappoint, this beast gives you the most muscle for your money and then some. Control and power is a dynamic duo essential for leaving competition by the wayside, so the huge horsepower gains are balanced out with precision-engineered suspension and chassis.

So why not convert your 2013-2014 5.0L Mustang into the powerful Q450 Steeda Mustang?
Summit Racing carries the following parts from the Steeda Q450 build:

You can check them out on their website Adjustable upper rear control arms!
All other conversion parts that aren’t carried by Summit Racing can be found here!

Our Steeda sales team is always standing by to answer any of your questions!

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