Steeda’s 5th Annual Pony Wars 2015, Huge Success!

October 22, 2015 9:44 pm

Steeda’s 5th Annual Pony Wars at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) was a great success! Several hundred cars were in attendance, including Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and more! The weather was absolutely perfect as it was in the mid-60’s in the morning and warmed up to the low-70’s. Team Steeda setting up the booth and getting ready for guests to arrive.

Steeda Pony Wars 1

Steeda Pony Wars - 2

Steeda Pony Wars - 7

Steeda Pony Wars - 3

Steeda Pony Wars - 4

Our friends at VMP Superchargers decided to bring their fully custom mobile dyno! It even serves as a great way to tow in your racecar.

Steeda Pony Wars - 6

Pony Wars guests starting to show up! The line was wrapping around into the street until about 10:30am!

Steeda Pony Wars - 8

Steeda Pony Wars - 9

Here are a few photos from the car show, some of these cars were immaculate!

Steeda Pony Wars Car Show - 1 Steeda Pony Wars Car Show - 2 Steeda Pony Wars Car Show - 3 Steeda Pony Wars Car Show - 4

Our Steeda Q650 Vortech supercharged S550 about to make a pass! This one was 11.04 on street tires!

Steeda Pony Wars Quarter Mile

Of course we had to take the Steeda S550s out on the oval track for some fun.

Steeda S550s on Track - 1 Steeda S550s on Track - 2 Steeda S550s on Track - 3

We can’t wait for Pony Wars 2016! Thank you to everyone who attended.

Find additional photos from the event right on the Facebook event page.

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