Valdosta Police Dept. Once Again Looks to Steeda for Safety & Suspension Upgrades

September 8, 2016 9:00 am


VALDOSTA, GA – Steeda Autosports, the world’s largest aftermarket manufacturer of Ford performance equipment, has delivered a Steeda Police Pursuit Mustang to the Valdosta Police Department. Equipped with a vast array of Steeda performance and handling upgrades, the Steeda Police Pursuit Mustang provides enhanced handling, acceleration, and durability, all with an increase in fuel economy.

“We are tremendously proud of being able to support our law enforcement professionals with the type of pursuit vehicles that they need to respond to emergency situations,” said Dario Orlando, President of Steeda Autosports. “Our marked Steeda Police Pursuit Mustangs are a bad guy’s worst nightmare.  They provide the utility needed for everyday patrol and the performance needed to overtake even the fastest violators while enabling law enforcement to end pursuits quickly and in the shortest distance possible, which translates to increased safety for the public and the officer.”

Background – Speed Matters® is more than just a slogan at Steeda – from ISO 9001:2008 Certified Engineering and Manufacturing to the creation of purpose built Steeda Police Pursuit Vehicles – our strategic intent is to provide patrol officers with vehicles that have lightning quick acceleration and unmatched handling capabilities allowing patrol officers to perform their job in the safest and most expedient manner possible.

Details – The Steeda Police Pursuit Mustang is equipped with Steeda performance parts to the exact specifications of the Valdosta Police Department. Modifications include the following pursuit rated performance enhancements:

With more power and increased efficiency, the Steeda Pursuit Vehicles also provide greatly enhanced durability and are built to take on the rigors of everyday police intercept operations and emergency responses unlike any other competitive products available in the market today.

Availability – Steeda Police Pursuit Vehicles are available to all authorized police and law enforcement agencies.

About Steeda Autosports – Founded in 1988 in Pompano Beach, FL, Steeda Autorsports is the culmination of over 28 continuous years of racing history, product innovation, and continuous automotive refinement driven by a passion for performance and a love of great design. At Steeda, we share the wealth of our motorsport expertise and our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes to bring a completely new level of performance and excitement to the Ford Mustang, F150, Focus, and Fusion vehicles. More information on Steeda Autosports performance parts can be located at and vehicle specific information can be found on