coverage of Camp Steeda 2017

June 20, 2017 4:22 pm

Head over to and check out their event coverage of Camp Steeda:

While this high-performance driving event is primarily geared toward drivers enhancing their skills and learning the limits of their vehicles. For the Steeda team, however, its Camp Steeda gathering serves many purposes.

Steeda was on hand with a full array of its project cars, including its latest 20 Car, a yellow S550 racer. “Racing either proves a theory or it destroys it. We are out here hardcore testing getting ready for our next race event. We went one direction this weekend and we found that we need to back off and go in another direction. Without being here, we wouldn’t be able to know that,” Dario Orlando said of this car’s testing.

“This is what separates those who are doing the research and development from those who aren’t,” Dario said. “For nearly three decades, Steeda has been doing this all the time.”

Fast Fords Roar Around Sebring At Camp Steeda