2017+ Fusion Sport Upgrades

October 23, 2017 2:00 pm

We’ve received many requests regarding Ford Fusion performance parts, and we hear you! The Fusion Sport 2017+ Front Sway Bar is just the latest of a variety of parts that have been, and are going to be released. The Fusion is a phenomenal vehicle, and we understand your desire to treat it right!

The Steeda manufactured Front Sway Bar increases roll stiffness by 48% over the OEM version. This means you’ll notice improved handling as a result of reduced understeer and overall body roll. If you want additional suspension performance, you can couple that with the Steeda Fusion Rear Sway Bar, for added stability. The handling upgrades don’t stop there, however, as Steeda’s custom engineered lowering springs provide more stable cornering and maintain factory ride comfort. These springs were designed and manufactured specifically for the 2017 Fusion Sport, meaning they are not based on any pre-existing models.

If power is the name of your game, we’ve got your back!  We were just as excited as you when we heard Ford was releasing a Twin Turbo Fusion Sport, and it did not disappoint. However, we wanted to squeak the last bit of horsepower out of that engine, so we developed our Twin Turbo Cold Air Kit to do the trick. It features an in-house CAD designed custom Roto-molded airbox that seals directly to the hood liner and utilizes 2 high flow CNC velocity stacks along with the factory cold air feeds. It keeps the hot air out while keeping both air filters cool. Under steady state driving conditions, it can even give you a slight boost in gas mileage.

Last, but certainly not least, your car should look good. From the engine bay to the antenna, we’ve got several items to choose from. Make sure to check back for new releases in our line of Fusion Sport upgrades.