S550 Mustang IRS Deflection: A Quick Fix

October 26, 2017 11:45 am

Evan Smith, a contributor at MustangandFords.com, has gone in-depth on many a Steeda product, the latest of which offers an easy and inexpensive solution to the S550 (2015+)  Mustang’s deflection issues. Our S550 IRS Subframe Braces are built in-house from 4130 chrome moly steel and powder-coated silver metal flake, making this part not just strong – it also looks great under your new Mustang!

With the release of the new S550 Mustang, we knew that addressing the IRS system would be a top priority. Being the first production Mustang with an IRS since the 03/04 Cobras, we knew there would be a great opportunity to capitalize on Ford’s new piece by giving it the Steeda advantage. As with any suspension system, deflection is an issue if it’s present. Anytime a piece is moving, twisting or vibrating when it should be stationary is a major problem. One of the areas Team Steeda wanted to focus on was the rear IRS subframe.

Smith goes in-depth on how our engineering crew did just that.

“Steeda has helped many Mustang owners with its IRS Subframe Bushing Support System that has been a popular choice to limit the movement of the subframe. By adding the IRS subframe support braces you can virtually eliminate wheel-hop or any deflection in the IRS.

 ‘One of the first things we noticed with the S550 was all the wheel hop,’ said Scott Boda, Steeda’s director of manufacturing. ‘This was due in large part to the deflection found in the factory rear subframe. Under hard acceleration with drag radials we noticed over a ½-inch of movement in the factory subframe. Knowing that a solid foundation is needed any time you are trying to apply horsepower to the pavement and accelerate, our attention was focused on minimizing the deflection. Several prototypes, with various attachment points were tested before settling on the final product. It reduces subframe deflection tremendously, traction is improved and wheel hop is gone. Combined with a couple other key components we’ve been able to virtually eliminate deflection in the S550 subframe.'”
Smith adds, “Keeping the IRS subframe in place means your rear alignment will remain consistent through the range of travel, handling will be more predictable, and you’ll get better performance from the rear suspension and tires.” You’ll experience better traction and handling, for an easy installation that uses existing holes in the chassis and keeps NVH the same.
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