2018 EcoBoost Build by Air Design & Steeda – SEMA 2017

November 1, 2017 5:40 pm

Photo by Steve Turner (Ford NXT)

What do you get when you cross top-notch innovative aerodynamic technologies with high-quality, performance and handling Mustang upgrades? None other than the a SEMA Showstopping 2018 2.3L Mustang EcoBoost built by Air Design USA and Steeda. With 11 vehicles scattered throughout the 2017 SEMA Show floor, there is no doubt that Air Design is an excellent and worthy partner.

The vehicle is equipped with Air Design’s custom-built front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as its own Ford-licensed hood vents, air curtains, side scoops, and window louvers. While these parts are not yet released (they will be soon), together they give the vehicle an elegant but sporty appearance that perfectly portrays this Mustang – classy yet powerful.

As Steve Turner, of Ford NXT, discussed with our Business Development Manager, Bob Adams,

“Our collaboration [with Air Design] on the 2018 Mustang began in earnest as soon as the vehicle was introduced. It was at that time, we reviewed the changes made to the car from every perspective. As part of our continuing product development cycle, we are constantly setting the bar by designing, engineering, and developing new performance products in an effort to improve a vehicle’s performance…”

Photo by Steve Turner (Ford NXT)

On Steeda’s side of the collaboration, we equipped the vehicle with induction upgrades, as well as a variety of our proprietary G-Trac suspension components. The Steeda ProFlow EcoBoost Cold Air Intake is a simple and effective way to increase power. Without the need for a tune, all that’s required with this upgrade is a quick-install, and performance will immediately be upped. Elsewhere under the hood, the vehicle features our strut-tower brace and upper strut mounts, coolant expansion tank, and braided brake lines. However, we know that performance means nothing if you can’t control it!

In the suspension department, we spared no detail with this ‘Stang. It is equipped with our full adjustable-suspension, in addition to front and rear sway bars, polyurethane bushing vertical links, IRS alignment kit, and our extreme G-Trac brace, and much more! For a full list of vehicle upgrades, and more information on this collaboration, check out Ford NXT’s excellent feature.