Steeda Racer Donnie Gilder wins Mod Nationals Heavy Street class

November 13, 2017 5:38 pm

Just as Steeda has done for three decades now, we’ve delivered outstanding performance with precision engineered and high quality upgrades built for the enthusiast, by the enthusiasts. Donnie Gilder’s 4,000+ lb street-driven S550 Mustang is further proof of that.

Equipped with a factory rear & trans, full interior, ice-cold air conditioning, and bolt-on Steeda suspension, she ran a best of 8.962 with a 1.28 60ft at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Consistency ultimately brought home the win for Donnie, running bottom 9’s to 8’s all Friday morning til Sunday afternoon with 1.28-1.31 short times, and zero spin all weekend.

Donnie’s S550 makes power with a Sai Li short block, fuel system and custom tune, along with a Brett LaSala 6R80 transmission. Suspension wise, the heavy Mustang features Steeda’s IRS Braces, Bushing Inserts, Solid Diff Bushings, Adjustable Camber Arms, Adjustable Toe Links, Vertical Links, Rear Control Arm Bearings, Drag Rear Swaybar with Billet Mounts, Front Drag Springs with Adjustable Coilover Struts, Rear Drag Springs with Adjustable Shocks, finished with a custom Steeda Drag Spec Alignment.

These minimal bolt-on modifications are delivering unparalleled results without stepping into a purpose-built racecar. At the end of the day it’s real world performance you can relate to (and afford).

Congratulations and thank you to Donnie, Sai Li, Brett LaSala and everyone involved on the Unicorn for the 2017 Mod Nationals Heavy Street class win!