Steeda Equipped ‘Stang is First 2018 to Run 10 Second 1/4 Mile

November 14, 2017 2:35 pm

What do Steeda, racing, and a beefcake have in common? Well… a lot actually, mostly speed! Team Beefcake Racing (TBR), out of Milford, OH, didn’t take long to get the new 2018 Mustang GT to the strip. Less than a week after 2018s hit the lot, TBR checked off the first major performance milestone for the 2018 models; first 10-second quarter-mile, assisted by Lund Racing, Finish Line Performance, Nitrous Outlet, and of course Steeda.

The focus was on Mod Nationals at South Georgia Motor Sports Park this past weekend. Terry “Beefcake” Reeves and Brian Campbell, from Finish Line Performance, did everything within their power to make their 10-speed automatic, dual injection, 2018 Mustang GT as fast as possible for the event. With just a few bolt-on mods, they definitely succeeded!

To help these milestone marauders tear down that 11-second wall, we knew they needed consistent, steady launches for ultimate power transmittance. To help accomplish this, we loaded this 2018 GT with our Stop the Hop Ultimate Kit and our S550 Drag Lowering Springs. With the suspension up for the task of controlling their power, this racing crew launched into the 10s at 10.897 @ 129.21 mph and a plump 3,970 pounds!

For more info on this build and it’s parade through Mod Nationals, check out Ford NXT. If you want to know more about our three different Stop the Hop Kits, we’ve got a video that covers them all. And lastly, whatever you do, don’t forget that Speed Matters!