Tech Tip Tuesday: Why You Need the Steeda Focus ST (13-16) Sound Symposer Delete

December 5, 2017 12:00 pm

When Ford updated the Focus ST engine from the gas-guzzling 2.5L to the 2.0L EcoBoost, the car received a 25hp upgrade but lost some of its roar in the process. Obviously power beats out sound, but Ford wanted both! To solve this, they developed the sound symposer, which channels noise from the induction system into the cabin. The 2013-2016 Ford Focus ST features this sound symposer stock from the factory. It’s certainly a nice feature for the stock ST, as that little bit of added sound in the interior rounds out the sporty feel and performance of the car. However, as you start modifying the engine, you’ll soon find that the symposer is a superfluous piece.

On one hand, the added engine (induction) sound in the cabin can block out the actual sound of upgrades like blow-off valves or a cold air intake. On the other hand, the symposer and its tubing take up valuable space in the engine bay. With added modifications, it can get a bit cluttered, which makes it more difficult to access installed mods, as well as adding new ones.

Steeda’s Focus ST Sound Symposer Delete is a simple and cost-effective way to address this issue! A billet aluminum block-off plate, with a factory-sized O-ring, ensures a secure seal so that boost pressure is maintained. The provided plug goes on the interior side to stop the noise from seeping into the cabin, and lastly, the included zip tie is used to secure the symposer harness. This keeps it away from the nearby shift linkage. We wouldn’t want any issues there! Another version of the kit comes with the plate drilled and tapped for a 1/8″ NPT fitting. This gives you the option of tapping into the intake manifold for a boost or vacuum connection. We include a fitting to use for the connection, and a plug to install in case you decide not to use this port.

With a quick and easy, five to ten minute install, you’ll have this upgrade done, and your ST will be sounding fierce. If you ever need to revert back to stock, the uninstall is just as easy!