Tech Tip Tuesday: How to Setup Your S550 Adjustable Bumpstops

December 12, 2017 2:00 pm


Tech Tip – Ride comfort is an indispensable quality for most, so when you’re experiencing bumpiness in your ride, you notice. Your S550 comes from the factory with a set of foam bumpstops that are meant to mitigate this issue. These soft foam bumpstops can really only do so much in terms of ride comfort, so if your 2015-2018 Mustang is experiencing any of the following symptoms after the installation of Lowering Springs, we recommend checking the bumpstops.

  • Trouble with traction
  • Bouncy or too stiff rear end
  • Minimal suspension travel
  • Rear end clunks

One of the most overlooked components of a successful Lowering Spring install for 2015-2018 Mustangs is the factory bumpstop. Far too often, shops neglect to trim the height of the factory setup, which leads to poor ride characteristics in both performance and comfort. This isn’t the result of apathy or a poorly done job, but usually simply a lack of knowledge or experience.

Steeda’s Adjustable Bumpstops solve these issues with a high-impact polyurethane that’s stiffer than the factory versions, meaning they also prevent damage to the shocks and other suspension components. The adjustable feature gives the customer the ability to use the kit on a stock or lowered ride height vehicle. This means no trimming of the factory bumpstops in order to maintain a safe and quality ride on lowered vehicles.

For stock and minimum drop springs (less than half an inch), you’ll run the full bumpstop on your shock, meaning both pieces will be installed. However, if you have springs that drop the vehicle a considerable amount, such as our Sport Progressive, Linear, or Competition Springs, you’ll run just the larger of the two bumpstop pieces. Ultimately this modification gives you more control over your suspension and the overall performance of your vehicle.

Since there is no need to trim the bumpstops, you’ll be able to use them no matter what height your vehicle is sitting at. Get yours today!