2018 Mustang GT Steeda Road Racer, Part 1: Initial Upgrades

January 15, 2018 2:57 pm

By now you’ve likely seen photos of our red, 2018 Performance Pack Mustang GT. If not, please take a second to admire its beauty above! Unlike our 2018 drag car, this vehicle features a 6-speed manual transmission and comes with the PP1 (PP2 Mustangs will be delivered in early 2018). The car has been at our Pompano Beach location, where we’ve gone ahead and gotten started with suspension upgrades, as well as developing and testing updated, 2018-specific parts!

Step one of turning it into a member of Steeda’s fleet was, of course, adding Steeda and G-Trac Suspension decals to make it unmistakably ours. With that task completed, we opted for quicker and more precise shifting of the 6-speed transmission, by installing our 2018-specific Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter. Next, we shifted (pun intended) our attention to the suspension. Since the car will be used primarily for road racing, handling is one of the biggest areas we’re focused on.

Naturally, we installed our catalog of race proven suspension upgrades on this 2018 Mustang. With over 50 years of combined road racing experience between founder Dario Orlando, and VP Glen Vitale, there was no hesitation in how to outfit this new stablemate. If you’re curious about the individual components, what they do, and why, don’t hesitate to explore the links below!

2018 Mustang GT Suspension Upgrades

Steeda S550 Camber PlatesSteeda S550 IRS Subframe Support BracesSteeda S550 Pro-Action Rear Shocks
Steeda Rear Adjustable Camber ArmsSteeda S550 Competition Dual Rate SpringsSteeda S550 Billet Rear Shock Mount - 12mm Shock
Steeda S550 IRS Subframe Bushing Support SystemSteeda S550 IRS Subframe Alignment KitSteeda S550 Adjustable Bumpstop Kit
Steeda S550 1-3/8" Front Sway BarSteeda S550 Strut Tower Brace
Steeda S550 1-1/8" Rear Sway BarSteeda S550 Adjustable Pro-Action Front Struts

We’ll continue sharing updates on this road racing Mustang GT as its transformation continues, so stay tuned. If you have any questions as to why we choose a specific part, or you want to discuss your own road racing build, please don’t hesitate to reach out via social media or by giving our performance experts a call at 1 (800) 950-0774!