Steeda Q500 Enforcer: Thoughts From the Experts

June 21, 2018 11:22 am
Cover Image Source: Top Gear UK

Steeda Performance Vehicles assembles the ultimate performance vehicles from the Blue Oval, no matter if that’s a Mustang, F150 Raptor, or Focus. These vehicles are optimized in every facet to deliver the highest performance on the street, at the track, and even off-road. Built with performance parts and accessories from Steeda, these vehicles, leveraging over 30 years of Ford racing experience and knowledge that Steeda has acquired, are individually crafted right here in the USA.

With the global reach of Steeda – it should be no surprise that our Steeda models are making noise across the pond. Over the past several months, the Steeda Q500 Enforcer Mustang has been making its way around some of the biggest automotive press outlets in the UK and Europe, and it has done so in style. The feedback has been positive and honest, resulting in some exceptionally great reviews by European automotive journalists.

As the first turnkey Steeda vehicle available in the UK, it’s no surprise the Q500 generated some interest right off the bat. A naturally aspirated All-American 5.0L V8 with the agility of a car half the size is no small feat! Major publications like Top Gear and Motoring Research have had the chance to drive the Q500 Enforcer on British roads, with great feedback so far!

What sets the Q500 Enforcer apart, as Will Beaumont of Evo, explains, is

“…in the way the Q500 handles that you really notice Steeda’s alterations. The ride is firmer, but also more settled, and the Enforcer tracks straight over rough tarmac. Turn into a corner and significantly less roll makes the car so much easier to place. The lateral movement in the standard car’s rear axle can make it difficult to tell if you’re going sideways, but Steeda’s car transmits all the information you need to take advantage of the rear-wheel-drive layout with certainty. Your understanding of the state of grip is also maintained throughout the bend, allowing you to adjust the car accurately on the throttle.”

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This Mustang isn’t about over-the-top power, but rather a perfect balance of power and handling that make it an absolute street warrior! In the opinion of Piston Heads‘ Matt Bird, “by drawing the Mustang modifying away from huge power gains, Steeda has probably created a more satisfying product.” However, putting down 480bhp and 475 lb-ft, the car certainly doesn’t lack power. The car is aggressive both in sound and styling, to match the added power and handling abilities. As Ollie Turner, of Top Gear BBC, said, “…it pulls hard, sounds awesome and throttle response is very, very sharp.” This was in reference to the car’s performance in its sweet spot between 3,000 and 5,500 RPM. Adding on to his overall opinion of the vehicle, Turner stated,

“It feels tight and together on the road. Genuinely. It goes down a B-road with way more control and precision than the standard car. The steering is now more accurate, the front end more faithful. You turn in and it goes where you point it – you have confidence in it.”

Supporting Top Gear’s conclusion, Motoring Research writer Tim Pitt, captured the essence of driving the Q500, stating to his audience “…every time I press the start button I find myself making an involuntary ‘oooof’ noise and smirking like a schoolboy who’s just dodged detention.” Ultimately, Pitt seemed to have really enjoyed the experience as a whole, providing this as his final verdict:

“The Q500 Enforcer builds on the strengths of the Mustang V8 without ruining the basic recipe. It looks and sounds fabulous, but unlike some tuner cars we’ve tried, it isn’t too extreme for the road. The modifications feel well-resolved and worthwhile.”

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