Pony Wars: 15K Testing Is Too Close To Call At The Track.

August 23, 2018 12:00 am

Episode 7 of Pony Wars is pitting the 2017 Camaro SS up against the 2017 Mustang GT on the drag strip.  With the Camaro currently in the lead it was crucial for the Mustang to win at the drag strip.

The Mustang GT equipped with our Steeda suspension did not disappoint and beat the Camaro SS head to head.

Even with the Camaro making 20 more horsepower the Mustang equipped with the Steeda suspension was able to make better use with its power and out 60 foot the Camaro and run faster in each increment going down the track.

Final Results:

  • 1/8 ET Winner: MUSTANG 6.61 vs 6.63
  • 60FT Winner: MUSTANG 1.57 vs 1.59
  • 1/8 MPH Winner: MUSTANG 111.6 vs 109.2

(Photo courtesy of www.horsepowerwars.com)

It was a really close battle and both cars were insanely quick. — Chase Christensen, LSXMag.com

See the entire article and video at www.Horsepowerwars.com.