Steeda’s Silver Bullet Continues to be the Industry Leader for N.A. Drag Racing

December 20, 2018 3:43 pm

Steeda continues to dominate at the strip, adding to their trophy case by setting a new world record by running 10.36 @ 131.59 mph. with a 1.48 sixty foot!

South Georgia Motorsports Park – It was a tremendous Friday night at South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP) for Team Steeda as they continue to lead the charge with their S550 NA drag car – the Silver Bullet – which shattered their previous best by almost two-tenths of a second, going 10.36 @ 131.59 mph with an incredible 1.48 sixty foot.

“This car continues to be the leader of the pack when it comes to the 2018 NA S550 Mustangs”, said Dario Orlando, Founder of Steeda Autosports, “We are continuously impressed with the limited number of parts we have integrated on the car & what it continues to do at the drag strip. The excitement among our customers & industry enthusiasts have been just short of amazing – the calls, emails & excitement around this vehicle is just plain awesome!”

Steeda’s package includes a bevy of parts for the avg. enthusiast without breaking the bank, their recipe for success includes:

Steeda Stop The Hop Kit
Steeda Diff Bushing Inserts
Steeda Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing
Steeda Front Coilover with 125lb Spring
• Steeda Adjustable Shocks with Drag Springs
Steeda Shock Mounts
Steeda Rear Drag Bar
• Ported CJ Intake (Courtesy Of Bret Barber)
• Mono Blade (Courtesy Of Terrell Godwin)
• Lightweight Goodies (Provided By Optic Armour)
• Circle D Torque Converter
ARH Catless Longtubes and X-pipe
• QA1 Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft
Steeda Pro Flow Closed Box CAI
Cobra Jet Manifold
• C85 Fuel
3.55 Gears
Lund Tune with Transbrake/2-Step
Baer SS4 Drag Brakes
Racestar Recluse 17 Front Runners
Corbeau Seats Driver and Passenger
CM Components Rear Seat Delete
• Steeda S550 Hardcore Drag Race K-member

The car continued to run stronger & stronger throughout the night said Scott Boda, Driver & Director of Steeda Manufacturing – “The Silver Bullet was on a mission all night – keep going faster! It started by running a 10.41, then a .38, a .36 and finally a .38 again on almost a ½ tank of gas – still at 3,500 lbs. We cannot thank our sponsors enough as they continue to partner with us to push this car to the limits … record after record.”

Steeda was very impressed with the Optic Armor front & rear windows, it saved almost 21 lbs. over stock. They also made the switch to a 3.55 rear gear which kept the 3rd Gen Coyote in the sweet spot going through the traps at 300 rpms lower in 6th gear. The 3.55s also allowed them to lean on the Circle D torque converter a little harder resulting in four sixty ft. all between 1.51 and 1.48 Friday night – like always, the Steeda Team is going to continue to play with the gears – like any good speed enthusiast would!

Scott Boda also went on to say that by the time the Steeda Team preps for Bradenton, FL for the NMRA season opener, they will have tried every ‘stinkin’ gear ratio Ford Motor Company makes for the S550. The wealth of knowledge the team has gained over this journey is invaluable for not only their drag program but for their customers & consumers following the success of the Silver Bullet.

Steeda’s next steps for the car will be to investigate even more weight savings & more HP while retaining a full interior. Additionally, no cams are available yet so the long block remains 100% untouched … for now!

The next goal is to get the first ever 9- second all motor pass in an S550.

About Steeda – Founded in 1988 in Pompano Beach, FL, Steeda is the culmination of over 30 continuous years of racing history, product innovation, and continuous automotive refinement driven by a passion for performance and a love of great design. At Steeda, we share the wealth of our motorsport expertise and our ISO 9001:2008 Certified processes to bring a completely new level of performance and excitement to the Ford Mustang, F150, Focus and Fusion vehicles. Learn more at: and or call a Steeda expert at (954) 960 – 0774 (parts) or 954-633-5240 (vehicles).