A New Year and A New Record for Steeda’s Silver Bullet.

January 25, 2019 2:58 pm

Steeda does it again by breaking it’s own world record at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

The Steeda team was back at it again this past weekend with our 2018 Silver Bullet at SGMP testing a 3.15 rear gear. Cooler temps brought in a 20mph head wind that we were battling all day. After several passes and a wheel change we were able to best the 2018 NA World record and then did it two more times before it was all said and done!
New best, 10.330 @ 132.26mph with a 1.46 short on 17″ wheels!

We can’t thank our supporters enough!

See it in action for yourself.

10.330 @ 132.26mph

Below is a list of parts included in our Silver Bullet.  Click on the name of each part to get more information.  You’ll find these performance upgrades and more on Steeda.com

Steeda Stop The Hop Kit
Steeda Diff Bushing Inserts
Steeda Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing
Steeda Front Coilover with 125lb Spring
Steeda Adjustable Shocks with Drag Springs
Steeda Shock Mounts
Steeda Rear Drag Bar
• Ported CJ Intake (Courtesy Of Bret Barber)
• Mono Blade (Courtesy Of Terrell Godwin)
• Lightweight Goodies (Provided By Optic Armor)
• Circle D Torque Converter
ARH Catless Longtubes and X-pipe
QA1 Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft
Steeda Pro Flow Closed Box CAI
Cobra Jet Manifold
• C85 Fuel
• 3.15 Gears
Lund Tune with Transbrake/2-Step
Baer SS4 Drag Brakes
Racestar Recluse 17 Front Runners
Corbeau Seats Driver and Passenger
CM Components Rear Seat Delete
• Steeda S550 Hardcore Drag Race K-member

The team at Steeda will be back at the track in the coming weeks testing new components, so make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the latest updates.

You can find all our Performance Mustang Parts at www.Steeda.com.